Welcome to the Home of Mindful Photography

Hi, I’m Lee Aspland and I am a Mindful Photographer. “What’s that?” you might ask. I am a photographer who practises creating photos that align what I can see, with my photography skills and how I feel about what I am looking at. You can find out more about me here or you can look at the online courses and eBooks I offer below that will help you to become a Mindful Photographer.

My journey to this understanding of photography has been shaped by life experiences. My own health crisis in midlife led to my life being shaken and reformed on every level. I now use the experience and knowledge I gained, by using photography to process and accept my life changes, to help others.

Online Courses – Transform your photos from good to great

An introduction to Mindful Photography. Mindfulness + Photography will transform your photos from good to great. Align your head, your eye and your heart.
This innovative photography course in Multiple Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) will help you to create weird and marvelous abstract photos.

Great eBooks

Photography for Well-Being 1 is for these times and will support your well-being through photography. You will take part in creative, mindful photography activities and then share your favourite photos. It is suitable for photographers of all abilities – with smartphones and digital cameras – and will support your well-being whilst developing your photography skills.

Mindful Photography for Troubled Times will help you to develop mindful attitudes through photography. This ebook explores nine Mindful Attitudes that can support you to respond positively to unwelcome change.  Each attitude shares a Mindful Photography Activity designed to encourage the development of that attitude through photography.

Pandemia Exhibition now live!

Pandemia is a visual representation of thoughts, feelings and experiences of the Covid 19 Pandemic. This project has been funded by the Arts Council for Wales and National Lottery.