Twelve Photos

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Would you like to take part in a monthly photo project? All you’ll need is a camera and a Facebook account. It’s just for fun and for the pleasure of having a monthly photo challenge. I will be posting one word a month that you will then represent in a photograph. There are no rules. Whatever the word suggests to … Read More

What’s going on?

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Both of these photos were taken last week. My feeling is that the photo is more powerful than the word, for the words that have been written about global warming are not changing anything. In the UK over the last 4 months we have had weather that is close to extreme. In September and October we had very warm days, … Read More

Surfing Santas

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Yesterday Surfing Santas¬†took to the waves for a competition run by Llangennith-based WSF Surf School and Langland Bay Riders Surf Club in aid of Wales Air Ambulance and Waves for Water charity. I braved the horizontal and torrential rain to collect a few photos at Langland: bringing Christmas to the Gower waves.  

Cameras that sense your emotions

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Intuitive cameras? Would you like a camera that senses what you are photographing? A camera that knew how you felt when pressing the shutter? A camera that used all of this information to adjust the colours, tones, exposure and contrast to take account of your intentions and record a photograph that best invoked your feelings? Nikon imagine that you will. … Read More

Seeing the Music 2

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Here’s a mindful photography practice that uses music as its inspiration. You don’t need to think too much, just respond intuitively as the music washes over you. [1] Plan an album length walk. [2] Choose an album to match your mood/weather/walk/whatever. [3] Walk. [4] Respond to the music intuitively. Let it play through you. Create photos that reflect how the … Read More

That time of year

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There are many activities that are associated with this time of year, from Christmas shopping, through prepping the main meal, to the office party. One that you might find interesting is a review document of this year that supports you to look in detail at the challenges, successes and much more of the departing year; before beginning a plan for … Read More

Technical Challenge

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I recently won 2 tickets to see Guy Garvey in one of those innumerable subscription email draws. After I adjusted to the surprise that these things did actually lead to a real prize arrangements were made. The key photography decision was what camera to take. After the recent events in Paris I expected security to be rigorous and that taking … Read More

Alec Soth exhibition

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If you should find yourself in London between now and March 2016 I recommend that you visit the Alec Soth Gathered Leaves exhibition in the Media Space at the Science Museum. This is the first major UK exhibition from this award winning American photographer and surveys a decade of Soth’s work, highlighting his career as one of the world’s top … Read More

Inner world – outer photos

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“I believe that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us, but which can also be affected by us. A balance must be established between the two worlds – the one inside of us and the one outside of us. As a result of a constant reciprocal process, … Read More

UK Government gets mindful

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What do you imagine would happen if the UK Government got interested in the application of Mindfulness? You no longer have to wonder.¬†The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness has just published its findings and presented them at the Palace of Westminster. This is an historic moment. Not yet widely reported, I picked up on it after a friend sent me … Read More

What do I know?

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The more I know, the less I understand The more I understand, the less I know This phrase came to me last night when I was meditating at the end of men’s group. Undoubtedly its appearance in my consciousness was influenced by our conversation. Now, I can’t tell you what that was – what happens in men’s group, stays in … Read More

Are you feeling it?

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Photos have the power to convey emotion. The way we choose to compose the scene and the technical choices we make can combine with the content to represent a feeling, through visual metaphor or symbolism. Sometimes this is deliberately created at the moment of pressing the shutter. Sometimes it reveals itself later; maybe a happy accident or subconscious guidance. Either … Read More