MBSR Week 3 – How is it going?

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Week 3 of the MBSR begins the sharing of ideas and practices to help ground us in the present. My post from 2015 follows below and then I share some of the practices I follow now and the changes it has brought to my life.   How it was Week 3 centered upon practices that support us to be more … Read More

MBSR week 2: How is it going?

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Awareness Week 2 is all about awareness. Awareness of the body and mind. In your busy western lives you move quickly through your day from task to task, achieving and doing. You are often so immersed in this task driven world that you pay little heed to its impact upon your body or the patterns of thought and feeling that … Read More

MBSR week 1: How is it going?

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Last year I enrolled and completed the MBSR at Swansea University. At the time I blogged a little about my experiences. I will be revisiting these posts over the next few weeks to share my progress applying the ideas and practices to my life. Please share your thoughts and feelings too, the course is now hugely popular and is a … Read More

Creative school project progress

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With every project there comes a week when all the planning, thinking and plotting has to be recorded and agreed. For the two Lead Creative Schools I am working with on the Arts Council Wales funded projects that is this week. Last week we had our planning days at the two primary schools, Bryn Teg and Pennard. At both the … Read More

The camera with you

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In these smartphone days the camera we always have with us is usually the most pocketable one. I do have a high end compact phone and a brick of a DSLR. Sometimes I do have one of them with me. But I always have my smartphone camera. I get it. The best camera is the one we have with us … Read More

The Snapshot Girls

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A while back I was invited to share some ideas around Mindful Photography with local photography group the Snapshot Girls. I met one of their founder members Hannah at the Peg Talks and we got talking about photography. A couple of months later I spent a fun evening with them at their monthly meet up at the hip bar Noah’s in … Read More


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On a Thursday I work on an Intergenerational Project called BoomerZ. This is part of my Dylan Thomas Centre work and encourages the participants to create new stories and poems. Yesterday Sion, our tutor, lead us through some prompt based freestyle writing. We wrote solidly for 30 – 40 minutes, prompted every five minutes by a symbol of some sort. … Read More

The Photographic Flâneur

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I have long been interested in the concept of a flâneur as it has a relationship to my mindful approach to photography. Whilst the dictionary definition of it as an “idler or a lounger” is of interest, Charles Baudelaire’s interpretation of a flâneur is more relevant. He described a flâneur as someone who is a detached observer of city streets, someone who … Read More

Lead Creative School Projects

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It has been a hectic couple of weeks. The Lead Creative Schools (LCS) scheme has taken off in earnest with consultation events at both of my Primary Schools. I work as a Creative Agent on this Arts Council Wales scheme. Whilst this is the most fabulous job title I have had to date it is also fascinating and challenging fun. … Read More

1 to 1 Tutorial

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Seeing in colour I had my first 1 to 1 tutorial for a while last Saturday. Mia is a 15 year old interested in art and photography and her Mum felt that my approach to photography might be something what would help her. We met on a very wet morning at the bandstand in Porthcawl and spent the first few … Read More


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Funny this word should come up today as the WordPress prompt. Last night I dreamt that I was walking along a path with friends and found a young tree in my hands. I turned to my friends and passed it to them. They dropped it and it lay abandoned on the floor. Those of you who like a metaphor could … Read More

Blue sky thinking, feeling and seeing

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A Mindful Photography practice I saw the sky and I could not resist: a one hour mindful photography practice with blue sky as the theme. Every photo created to have blue sky in the frame, either as the background, feature or reflection. It is a stimulating practice to limit your creative options. By choosing one theme this also provides an … Read More


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I was reminded today of the fragility of life. You would think that after a few life experiences that have demonstrated that it is a truth, I would have it at the forefront of my mind. But the idea that we are immortal is tenacious. We carry on through our busy lives, racing from one important task to the next. … Read More

Feeling your edge – learning to fly

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The edge is a useful metaphor. Where and when do you feel your edge? Do you notice and carry on? Do you notice and ease back? Or do you not notice and plough on regardless? Feeling your edge implies that you are tuned in, paying attention to your life. In the moment that you teeter on the edge of something … Read More

My Peg Talk

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Three months ago I gave a talk at the now locally famous Peg Talks. These talks are by Swansea people who have an interesting story to tell and occur every 6 weeks or so at the Square Peg Cafe. If you live in Swansea or close and have not been yet then I encourage you to take one in. My … Read More

Still Point

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There is a still point between the in breath and the out breath. And another between the out breath and the in breath. Each is milliseconds in length. Each is a time when the world is in balance. You may not be aware of their arrival and passing. But they are always there, always available. The in breath requires us … Read More

Mirror of my soul

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It doesn’t take much encouragement to get me to create a selfie. Not only is it a genre I regularly explore, I’ve also done a monthly photo project with FB friends (Beyond the Selfie) and I am just about to write the last chapter of my book about Mindful Photography; and that’s all about me! So when I saw this … Read More