Blue sky thinking, feeling and seeing

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A Mindful Photography practice I saw the sky and I could not resist: a one hour mindful photography practice with blue sky as the theme. Every photo created to have blue sky in the frame, either as the background, feature or reflection. It is a stimulating practice to limit your creative options. By choosing one theme this also provides an … Read More


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I was reminded today of the fragility of life. You would think that after a few life experiences that have demonstrated that it is a truth, I would have it at the forefront of my mind. But the idea that we are immortal is tenacious. We carry on through our busy lives, racing from one important task to the next. … Read More

Feeling your edge – learning to fly

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The edge is a useful metaphor. Where and when do you feel your edge? Do you notice and carry on? Do you notice and ease back? Or do you not notice and plough on regardless? Feeling your edge implies that you are tuned in, paying attention to your life. In the moment that you teeter on the edge of something … Read More

My Peg Talk

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Three months ago I gave a talk at the now locally famous Peg Talks. These talks are by Swansea people who have an interesting story to tell and occur every 6 weeks or so at the Square Peg Cafe. If you live in Swansea or close and have not been yet then I encourage you to take one in. My … Read More

Still Point

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There is a still point between the in breath and the out breath. And another between the out breath and the in breath. Each is milliseconds in length. Each is a time when the world is in balance. You may not be aware of their arrival and passing. But they are always there, always available. The in breath requires us … Read More

Mirror of my soul

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It doesn’t take much encouragement to get me to create a selfie. Not only is it a genre I regularly explore, I’ve also done a monthly photo project with FB friends (Beyond the Selfie) and I am just about to write the last chapter of my book about Mindful Photography; and that’s all about me! So when I saw this … Read More


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I have been occasionally following the post topic suggestion from Word Press. When today’s topic of ‘Plop’ plopped into my inbox it was directly after another email, one of rejection, from a public sector provider and the word seemed entirely apposite. Rejection is a common part of any artistic endeavour. When I first started as a photographer trying to gain … Read More

Faye and Jamie’s Wedding

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I recently had the pleasure of being asked to be the photographer for Faye and Jamie’s wedding. I have known Jamie most of his life as the son of my good friend Simon, who I have known for many years longer. The wedding was held in the heart of deepest Sussex and we were blessed with a dry and warm … Read More

Mindful Photography for life’s difficulties

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I am currently immersed in re-writing and editing my resources for my forthcoming online course on Mindful Photography. Apart from honing my ideas and explaining how photography can help you to develop a mindful approach to life I will be sharing more than 20 mindful photography practices. Each one of the practices is an activity designed to either apply mindfulness … Read More