MBSR Week 3 – How is it going?

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Week 3 of the MBSR begins the sharing of ideas and practices to help ground us in the present. My post from 2015 follows below and then I share some of the practices I follow now and the changes it has brought to my life.   How it was Week 3 centered upon practices that support us to be more … Read More

MBSR week 2: How is it going?

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Awareness Week 2 is all about awareness. Awareness of the body and mind. In your busy western lives you move quickly through your day from task to task, achieving and doing. You are often so immersed in this task driven world that you pay little heed to its impact upon your body or the patterns of thought and feeling that … Read More

MBSR week 1: How is it going?

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Last year I enrolled and completed the MBSR at Swansea University. At the time I blogged a little about my experiences. I will be revisiting these posts over the next few weeks to share my progress applying the ideas and practices to my life. Please share your thoughts and feelings too, the course is now hugely popular and is a … Read More

Creative school project progress

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With every project there comes a week when all the planning, thinking and plotting has to be recorded and agreed. For the two Lead Creative Schools I am working with on the Arts Council Wales funded projects that is this week. Last week we had our planning days at the two primary schools, Bryn Teg and Pennard. At both the … Read More