Aber Taiko

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Aber Taiko are a community drumming group based in Swansea. They were founded in 2015 and have over the last year been on a year long journey to discover and develop their Taiko soul. Last night they performed with their teachers, collaborators and friends at Volcano Theatre to a sold out enthusiastic audience. Fortunately I was invited by my friend … Read More

Developing Mindfulness through Photography

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Mindful Photography is mindfulness applied to the process of creating a photograph Mindful Photography is mindfulness developed through photography. It starts with seeing clearly and extends through the technical and compositional choices, towards an encouragement to align your eye, your mind and your heart whilst you are completely present. There is a lot to unpack in that definition, so let’s … Read More

MBSR Week 6 – How is it going?

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How it was What follows below are my reflections from week 6 of the MBSR 18 months ago. After that I consider how the ideas and practice suggested have been applied (or not) since then. Week 6 of the MBSR with CMWR in Swansea University centered on staying aware and balanced during stressful communication/relationships. The opportunity to practice mindfulness when … Read More

MBSR Week 5 – How is it going?

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How it was It is interesting when several aspects of your life converge upon a single theme. I had decided to investigate fear, its role in our lives and how we can live positively from it, because I knew that it would play a large role in this week. Coincidentally other happenings have followed the theme that were not expected, … Read More

New Year Reboot

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Now that we are four days in I feel I must ask you: how are the New Year Resolutions going? I hope that you are still filled with the enthusiasm (or guilt!) that gripped you a few days ago. If not perhaps this will inspire you. I am going to reflect upon my New Year practice, which is not dissimilar … Read More

MBSR Week 4 – How is it going?

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Week 4 of the MBSR begins a deepening of the discussion around stress. My post from 2015 follows below and then I share some of the practices I follow now and the changes it has brought to my life. How it was The full title of this week’s MBSR class was ‘Reactivity to stress and pain’. We covered a wide … Read More