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Becoming a mindfulness practitioner

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When I started writing this blog I saw myself as a photographer first and a mindfulness enquirer a distant second. However, I believe that things may have changed! I have practiced meditation since 2006 when my health first broke on the shores of my striving life. Initially meditation was part of an investigation into ways that I could ‘get better’ …

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As one door closes another opens. You are familiar with this phrase. Of course often it’s a sop to comfort you when the change was unexpected. Sometimes though it is you who exits and closes the door. That is how it is with me right now. Yesterday I left my part time employment with the Dylan Thomas Centre. I am …

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Much is changing in the world. The influence of technology has fueled the quantity of change and its speed. How do you keep pace with these changes, maintain your equilibrium and thrive? I believe that you need to consider your lifestyle. How it impacts upon your well-being, in terms of health, wealth and your reasons for being! Find out more …