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Generosity is regarded as a mindful attitude. Jon Kabat-Zinn added it to his initial list of seven attitudes that are found in his book Full Catastrophe Living, along with gratitude. How is it now seen as a mindful attitude and how can you develop the attitude through your photography? What is Generosity? Generosity is defined as the quality of being … Read More

Renaissance Photography Prize 2017

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Renaissance Photography Prize is an international award that showcases outstanding photography from emerging and established photographers while raising funds to support young women with breast cancer. Renaissance Photography Prize website If you have never heard of this photography competition now is your chance to find out all about it. I have in the past years entered but have never been … Read More

World Photo Day

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World Photo Day

Today is World Photo Day. What a great excuse, as if you needed one, to post a photo that means something to you. It is kind of a contest, there is a free option to post one photo or your can register and pay to post more. I believe some of the donation goes to sufferers of cerebral palsy. My … Read More

Ooh, Shiny!

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I very rarely set out to create a selfie. But if I look through my mindful photography practice photos there are dozens of examples when I appear. Why? I get excited with a bit of sunshine (I do live in Wet Wales) and the opportunities it provides. There I am out paying attention to what I can see. Coming back … Read More

The River

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From the Elders of the Hopi Nation To my fellow swimmers: Here is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift there are those who will be afraid, who will try to hold on to the shore. They are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. The River is a fine metaphor for this thing we … Read More

Chimping vs curating

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Chimping Chimping is the act of immediately looking at your camera screen after you have taken a shot. It’s called chimping because of the noise you make when you see a shot you like, “Ooo, ooo, ooo!” This behaviour is a natural consequence of our digital cameras and whilst there are one or two advantages to the habit, in the … Read More

In my element

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mindful photography - water and earth

Today I decided to follow a Mindful Photography Practice in response to this week’s Word Press Photo Challenge Elemental. This weekly topic encouraged us to respond to the four key elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. I decided that this would be most appropriate for me at the beach, as I live only 15 minutes drive away from one of … Read More

Blogging as a mindful practice

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blogging as a mindful practice

As a guy who tries to live a mindful life I recognise that practice is the foundation, backbone and rhythm of my intention. Practice is a word that is often used alongside meditation, in that what we experience is most accurately described as a meditation practice. This is helpful. A practice implies that it is something we are working on, … Read More

The Park – a mindful photography practice

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Yesterday I spent an hour practicing being present in my local park, Singleton. I thought I would cultivate a beginner’s mind, perusing a familiar place, noticing what was there and attuning to the visual as if I were a camera; as if I did not know the name of things. Then you see what is there; the shapes, forms, colours, … Read More


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Intention is the commitment to turn up for yourself. Your intention is what sets you on the mindful path to developing your self awareness to find more ease, freedom, and peace. Intention is the doorway to those other mindful attitudes: non judging, patience, beginner’s mind, acceptance, non striving, letting go, trust, gratitude and generosity. Making mindfulness an intention is a beginning. Intentions are … Read More

Meditation Tips

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I recently picked up a book at our local library called ‘Waking Up – Searching for spirituality without religion’ by Sam Harris. What follows is a sharing of the author’s summary of meditation and some personal reflections. It is not a review of the book, which is a philosophical, scientific and atheist investigation into the cultivation of a spiritual life … Read More