15 tips for your next retreat

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I try to schedule 3 retreats a year. These are a time when my intention is to slow down and be present. I sometimes have a goal, often something creative, but the intention is the foundation. There are all types of retreat possible, but at the heart of any ‘spiritual’ retreat is “a period or place of seclusion for the … Read More

Ailsa’s story – How Mindful Photography helped me

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Hello there I hope that you’re enjoying the day and have taken the opportunity to enroll on my FREE Mindful Photography Course. This post is all about what it is like to do a Mindful Photography Course with me. Ailsa Brims, whose story follows lower down, enrolled on my Mindful Photography email course a couple of years ago. Her story is … Read More

Mindful Photography Online Course – LIVE

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Yes it is LIVE now There is 33% off AND a Bonus Bundle if you enroll before 3rd October 2017 What is on the course? This is the world’s first online course in Mindful Photography. It will help you to develop mindfulness through photography and you will create fabulous photos! This course will develop your ability to see a photograph. It will demonstrate … Read More

Beginner’s Mind Practice

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The phrase ‘beginner’s mind’ is used in meditation and mindfulness as an encouragement to greet the present moment as if it was the first time we had experienced it. Of course it is, but we don’t often live as if it is. When we are sat, meditating, the object of this intention is often the breath. To sit and experience … Read More

How it is

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How is it for you? As a mindfulness practitioner being aware of how I am is a regular practice. Do the questions why and how interest you? Let’s investigate them. Why be aware? Mindfulness encourages you to pay attention to each moment as if it is all there is. Which it is of course. But your attachment to past events … Read More