Zen reasons to love photography

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What is Zen? “To study Buddhism is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self.” Dogen Zenji OK, let’s start with a definition. Or let’s not! For that’s how slippery Zen is. For there are those that suggest that defining Zen is like describing the taste of honey to someone who has not tasted it. … Read More

Mindful Photography Course – Week 4

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The halfway point of our 8 week exploration of Mindful Photography saw an investigation into mindful composition. Now I know that composition is a huge topic, one that books delve into in great detail, but I had 2.5 hours. So my intention was to summarise the key concepts (or guidelines) and then encourage the students to choose one of those … Read More

Cacophony revisited

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In June 2016 I took part in the Edinburgh Photomarathon. It was a tricky competition as we were given disposable film cameras with only 12 exposures possible. If you’ve taken part in any photomarathon you will know that you get given a number of topics, usually the same number of hours and have to produce one photo for each topic. … Read More

Mindful Photography Course – Week 3

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Week 3 was our second week looking at Clear Seeing. In particular this is about establishing Seeing as an anchor; the foundation of our Mindful Photography Practice. To do this we use the 4 Stage Seeing Practice: an activity that encourages us to use Seeing as an anchor in the same way as we can use our breath when we … Read More

A Tour of my Online Course

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Mindful Photography Course

LIVE! with a 20% discount until 18th October 2017 Mindful Photography 1 – How becoming mindful can help you to create fabulous photos is LIVE! Maybe you have not yet enrolled on the FREE Introduction to Mindful Photography 4 Day Challenge and wonder what it is all about. How about a little tour of the content of the full course … Read More

Mindful Photography Course – Week 2

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This week was all about developing a Mindful Photography Practice where Seeing was our anchor. Clear Seeing was the key topic and we looked at what that is and how it is that we see. We then compared how we see to how a camera sees and began the process of noticing those differences. The foundation of Mindful Photography is … Read More

Ruth’s Story – How Mindful Photography helped me

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Today’s blog post is a personal story from a friend of mine who is also a Mindful Photographer. Ruth’s story is a personal account of how mindful photography has helped with her wellbeing and mental health. It is an honest account of living with difficulty and how mindfulness combined with a creative outlet can support you to live with the experience. … Read More

Mindful Photography Practice on the Gower Peninsula

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As you may have seen in my last post 5 Mindful Photography Tips to help you create fabulous photos I recently followed a mindful photography practice on the beautiful Gower Peninsula. I am fortunate to live a short 15 minute drive from the south coast of this ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. The beach at Pwlldu was viewable on my … Read More

Mindful Photography Course – Week 1

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This week I started the delivery of my 8 week course in Mindful Photography for Morriston Hospital’s Brain Injury Service. I was particularly excited to start this as it is the first occasion I have delivered in this format, although I have worked with the service delivering other provision since 2012. My intention over these 8 weeks is to introduce … Read More