A Small Autumnal Space

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I have a Mindful Photography Practice that invites you to create a set number of photos in a small space – something less than 20 metres square – in a set period of time. During the practice you turn off your review screen to encourage an attention to what you are seeing in the moment. No deleting and no review … Read More

Foundation Skills Course Week 4 Mindful Composition

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Week 4 brings us to Photography Composition, with a mindful twist. Now photography composition is an area of knowledge that generates books and courses on its own, and I cover it in two 2.5 hour lessons. Obviously, I have a particularly mindful approach, one that centres upon following a compositional guideline as a mindful practice. But I am getting ahead … Read More

Foundation Skills Course – Week 2

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Using Seeing as your anchor for Mindful Photography The Foundation Skills Course centres upon using Seeing as your anchor for Mindful Photography. If you are to create fabulous photos that say something of your world and are not just like anyone else’s, then you need to really pay attention to what you can see. You may think that this is … Read More

Foundation Skills Course – Week 1

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This week was the first of my rebranded Mindful Photography Course. I’ve changed the name of the first 8 week course¬†to ‘Foundation Skills’. The content is still the same and covers an¬†introduction to Mindfulness, Mindful Photography and three key topics. The first is Clear Seeing – how you can improve your seeing and use seeing as your mindful anchor when … Read More