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Are you living in fear?

This whole Covid-19 experience is unprecedented in your lifetime and it is normal to experience fear. I know I do. If I catch the virus it is likely I would die. Fear is normal. Fear is an evolutionary habit, it is nature’s protector. The oldest parts of your mind provide the fight/flight response that is […]


Staying fearless

“ In meditation we discover our inherent restlessness. Sometimes we get up and leave. Sometimes we sit there but our bodies wiggle and squirm and our minds go far away. This can be so uncomfortable that we feel it’s impossible to stay. Yet this feeling can teach us not just about ourselves but what it […]


Indian Tales 6 – Train to Kochi

Next morning at breakfast we walked into a scene of carnage. Every table was covered in used crockery, cutlery and glasses. No staff were about. The buffet was devastated; nothing had been topped up, nothing much was left. A kitchen porter wandered about, not sure why he was out of his usual realm. I asked […]


Street Photography from London to Swansea

Last month, with a friend, I took part in a Street Photography Workshop in London with Mark Fearnley. Mark (the one in the trilby) specialises in Fine Art Street Photography and offers London workshops in small groups or 1-2-1.  We travelled up and stayed the night before in the big city. Arriving early for a 10:15 start […]


One year on

On 8th March last year I was diagnosed with a tumour in my bowel. Later, it was discovered to have spread to my liver. Two operations in April and July went well, and no chemo was possible, due to the type of cancer (MSI). From July onwards I have been recovering, from the physical and […]


Recovery – 2 weeks Post Op

This is me, two weeks after my liver resection to remove a tumour. I look remarkably well, but not every picture tells the true story, so here is my tale of my first two weeks post op. Ten Days of Hell Firstly, a few facts. I was scheduled for surgery in Cardiff on 27th July, […]



I saw the tumour, dominant in its pink tunnel, before I realised what I was looking at. I blame the sedation that made me feel that mellow way you do after 3 large G&Ts. I just watched the surgeon manipulate some kind of sampling tool, digging into the mass that looked a little like a […]



I use the word ‘practice’ a lot. I use it to describe the 20 minutes I spend doing yoga and meditation each morning. I use it to describe the photography activities I do and share in my eBooks and online courses. But is it only recently that I have really understood its fundamental value. Practice […]



Generosity is regarded as a mindful attitude. Jon Kabat-Zinn added it to his initial list of seven attitudes that are found in his book Full Catastrophe Living, along with gratitude. This post will detail what it is and explain how can you develop the attitude through your photography. What is Generosity? Generosity is defined as […]


Simplify your camera setup

I have written in the past about how imposing limitations can fire up your creative juices, but simplifying your camera set up can also allow a greater connection with the visual feast in front of you. Let me explain. I believe that the greatest area for development for a photographer is in our seeing. This […]


Street Photography Lenses

There is plenty of debate and loud opinion about the ideal focal length for a Street Photography lens. I thought I would put two to the test during a recent walkabout in the city of Swansea in Wales. I’ll be considering the merits of a 27mm and a 90mm prime lens, both on a 1.5 […]


Merry Christmas

As promised above here are a few gifts for you: First up here is the Four Stage Seeing Practice which you can use with the Sun Salutation Photography Activity, which follows it. The activity is ideal for a sunny day, whatever the temperature and is designed to support your well-being. There are 14 more activities […]


Monty was a doggy guru

Monty died at the weekend. He was a lively and occasionally very naughty Bijon Frise. White haired, curious and very friendly. He will be much missed. What you may not know is that he was also a guru, who taught me about mindfulness, consciousness and the self. Can you believe it? Monty was a creature […]


For Dying Out Loud 2

A year ago today my Mum died. I am re-sharing what I wrote about my experience because I thought that it might resonate for some of you at this extraordinary time. Death of a loved one always throws up complex emotions and the threat of that happening is also particularly challenging. I understand that this […]


A Long Walk

On a day when my equilibrium was a little shaky I decided that a long walk with my camera might help me to feel grounded. This whole lockdown thing is disconcerting at times, generally I am OK – purposeful; busy with my eBook writing and marketing, but sometimes I experience uncertainty and I can feel […]


Tales from a Hospital Bed eBook

Just in case you missed it, I have now collated all my ‘Tales from a Hospital Bed’ into one eBook. You can now down load it for free here. You don’t even need to sign up for any newsletters (I know how annoying that can be. Although mine is fab, of course!) I have a […]


Staying Grounded

The practice of living mindfully is obviously challenging when life is difficult. During these phases when life is not as we would like it be, we can become overwhelmed and imagine that life will always be this way. We may not be able to see a way through the current difficulty. Our fears may swamp […]


Tales from a hospital bed 11

A low key edition. To reflect my mood. I am dog tired and, of course, that affects mood. Sleep has been episodic for a while now and the cumulative effect of several nights with little deep sleep is insidious. I am usually a good sleeper. 8 hours a night no problem. It’s time to get […]


Tales from a hospital bed 6

I sense that the slowing of change and the adjustment to my new scenario may influence the content of these blog posts. It’s a challenge in the relentless routine and unchanging sensations to find interesting creative output. But then that’s why I’m doing it! So here goes. Medically all is going as well as possible. […]


Tales from a hospital bed 4

There has been much occurring in my hospital bed. And even though it has involved drugs, vomiting, and shooting it has been a little less edgy than Trainspotting. A couple of days ago I was attached to the feed line and still had two canulas in for intravenous drugs. These all have gone. But there […]