A tour of the Photography for Well-Being Online Course

What follows is a small tour of my new course, Photography for Well-Being (The Ultimate Mindful Photography Course), which is still at half price until 30th September. It will go up by 25% on 1st October!

When I started creating online photography courses my guiding light was this quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photography is “placing your head, your eye and your heart on the same axis.” It still is. In the intervening years I have learnt a lot about creating expressive personal photos and how a mindful approach to photography can help you to achieve Cartier-Bresson’s intention.

After reading this if you have any questions please ask, I’ll always respond as soon as I can.

How the course can benefit you

Ten benefits for you

  1. By slowing down you will see more. By seeing more your photos will become more interesting.
  2. You will develop your own mindful photography practice.
  3. You will learn formal and instinctive approaches to visual composition.
  4. You will learn how to create expressive photos that share how you feel about the world.
  5. This course will support your well-being (it incorporates published recent University research)
  6. I guarantee you photographic support and guidance whenever you need it.
  7. The course is designed to be as much like a live course as possible.
  8. You will have a year’s access to 8 weeks of learning, 45 videos, 11 Mindful Photography Activities, 9 guided meditations, a private community group and an eBook with an additional 10 Mindful Photography Activities.
  9. The first ten enrollees will get an additional 1 hour Zoom workshop halfway through the course.
  10. You will all start the course on the same day, get to know your fellow students (through the private community group and Zoom session) and get peer support – just like a live course!

What you need to know

This is the ultimate Mindful Photography Course designed with your well-being at its heart. Mindful Photography will change how you see the world, transform your photos and support your well-being through innovative, imaginative, mindful photography activities. Become present and more attuned to your life by regularly doing Mindful Photography Activities.

Every element of this course has you in mind and takes account of published University well-being research. It’s delivered in weekly stages, with full support from me and your private Community Group. Each week builds on the last, with learning that leads to life changing possibilities. Every section takes account of how much fun learning can be. It really is as much like a live course as an online course can be!

The Content

Week 1 is an introduction to: your tutor, the course intentions, some course guidelines, the Mindful Photography Activities, what camera setup to use, the Four Stage Seeing Practice and this week’s Mindful Photography Activity and the course long Mindful Photography Activity! Yes, that’s right, a daily photo project. You’re going to love it.

Week 2 is the first of 3 weeks that looks at Photography Composition. You will be approaching this topic in a mindful way and this week you’ll be looking at the composition themes Balance and Subject & Background. There’s answers to FAQ about the Four Stage Seeing Practice and a Mindful Photography Activity that will help you to understand Compositional Guidelines.

Week 3 In this week’s activities you will be exploring the photography composition themes Point of View and Simplicity. Each theme has several related elements, and you will be exploring your understanding of the 4 composition themes you have covered in the last 2 weeks, in the Mindful Photography Activity – Right and Wrong. You will also explore the benefits of establishing a regular practice – for both Mindfulness and Photography

Week 4 will be looking in more detail at the skill of Seeing. Specifically, you will explore the similarities and differences between how you see the world and how a camera sees the world. You will also be considering how the concept, Beginner’s Mind, can influence your Seeing Skills, and testing that out in this week’s Mindful Photography Activity. I’ll also be sharing 6 really useful Mindfulness and Meditation Tips. And there is a LIVE Zoom workshop with me too!

Week 5 This week you’ll be visiting another aspect of photography composition: Elements of Visual Design. This area is a gateway to creating photos that communicate a thought, feeling, idea or concept. You’ll also have a chance to review all the compositional guidelines, as you visit me on location for a photo shoot.

Week 6 This week you’ll be exploring the things that get in the way of seeing what is there. I know, how can you not see what is there? But there are many times you miss a photo opportunity, because you just didn’t see it. Find out how you can notice and avoid these barriers to Clear Seeing. 

Week 7 Creating photos that convey a feeling (a thought, concept or idea) is what will move your photos from good to great. Explore the 7 elements that combine to enable you to create expressive photos.

Week 8 Now you are developing your mindful photography skills, you can use them to support your well-being when your life becomes more challenging. We all experience change, loss and difficulty, Mindful Photography can help you at these times. In this final week we will find out how.

Don’t just take my word for it – Student comments

“Lee has broken down the steps towards learning mindful photography in a logical and easy to digest way. I really enjoyed the step by step, week by week approach. His support, knowledge and own artistic practice make his courses a really enjoyable learning experience where the student will learn to see the world through new eyes.” Ailsa

“Lee’s course was a turning point in my photography, not only from a technical and creative point of view, but especially in my mental attitude. Photography in combination with meditation led me to great inner peace. When I choose one of the activities I can be sure to come home with images that reflect my current mood.” Maria

“Lee’s courses have helped me to refocus my attention to the world around me and to find the daily purpose which allows me stay grounded, and experience my thoughts and emotions by accepting them. Activities are well thought through and encourage curiosity, at the same time letting the world to unfold and to reveal its beauty.” Ieva

Any Questions?

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