A walking weekend

The latest weekend was one decorated with two diamond walks. And of course I took my camera, dog and favourite woman on both. Whilst I am calling these walks the first of them could almost be called a hike and begs the question when does a walk become a Hike?


Kim and I ventured out along the Coastal Path from Porthcawl on Saturday. We were headed for the Pelican in her Peity, which is not some new sitcom, but is a lovely pub on the Ogmore Road. We also had our faithful hounds in tow and the photos accompanying this little write up were created by both of us.


This was our first stop as someone had forgotten his sun tan cream. The guys here had possibly the largest container of suntan cream in the world. Then they would, wouldn’t they?

We ventured out along Newton Beach and thought it would be a smart move to cut across the beach at low tide. Now I’m not pointing fingers here, but Kim is a local! It was only after we had extricated ourselves from the glutinous clay like mud that she told me about the people who had got deeply stuck in the same place and had to be rescued by the Coastguard. Funny woman!

img_4494 img_4495 img_7791 img_7796 img_7798

After a spot of lunch we ventured off the beach and onto the paths through the sand dunes, headed for Merthyr Mawr through the Nature Reserve. It was at this point we got a little misplaced. We weren’t exactly lost, but we did venture a little from a straight line and in all it took us more than 4 hours from Porthcawl to reach the pub. It’s a two hour walk. Whoops. Still it was lovely and there were silver linings. Not only was the beer fabulous, but a friend of Kim’s was able to provide a lift back. Phew!

img_7809 img_7812 img_7816 img_7817


Sunday dawned a little dull, but dry. We were back in Swansea for the inaugural Peg Walk. Organised by Ben and Sian who put on the Peg Talks at Square Peg, this was an opportunity for attendees, talkers and their hounds to walk around some of Wales’ most gorgeous coastline.

We met at Parc Le Breos and walked back across the main road and down the valley to the very lovely Three Cliff Beach. Much social chat was enjoyed, before we ventured up and over the sand dunes and up to Pennard Castle.

After the obligatory group shot we rambled around the back of Sandy Lane and back down into the valley and our cars. Ben and Sian then provided tea and cake. A lovely walk in fabulous company. Don’t miss the next Peg talks on the 29th September!

peg-walk-sept-2016-1 peg-walk-sept-2016-4peg-walk-sept-2016-3 peg-walk-sept-2016-6 peg-walk-sept-2016-9 peg-walk-sept-2016-12 peg-walk-sept-2016-13 peg-walk-sept-2016-14 peg-walk-sept-2016-16 peg-walk-sept-2016-17 peg-walk-sept-2016-19 peg-walk-sept-2016-22

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