What I do

Over the last twelve years I have developed a style and method of photography that is rooted in mindfulness. The journey to this place has been shaped by life events that have led to an exploration of what it means to be alive and paying attention.

I offer courses, workshops and resources, for the private, third and public sectors, and the general public, that teach how mindfulness can be developed through photography. These are suitable for all levels of photographic ability and all ages. They are rooted in the origins of mindfulness and influenced by its modern application to stress reduction.

I am currently working on a practical guide to using photography to support you when living through difficult times. I hope to make this available later this year.

I keep a regular blog that shares photos and feedback from my mindful activities and my own mindful photography practice.  I meditate daily to develop my ability to remain present with the one thing that I am doing and practice being mindful in all aspects of my life. It is a lifetime practice. I fall over plenty, but then get back up!

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How I got here

At the beginning of this millennium I turned 40. I was married with two young children and had a successful high level career in education. I thought that everything was great! However, I was not paying attention. Over the next few years a fearsome combination of our our striving culture and middle aged angst led me down a path of chronic health. A lot was changing and my choices were having effects that I was not noticing. Everything came tumbling down.

I took me ten years to work through what had happened and why it had happened. Through this process I began to develop a way of understanding my choices and began to learn how to respond differently. Mindfulness was at the heart of this self exploration and photography was my creative practice. It took me a while, but I eventually realised that these two important aspects of my life could be combined. Mindful Photography was the natural outcome.

I am a trained teacher with over 30 years experience of delivering learning. I have taught people from 7 to 70 and a range of subjects including photography, mindfulness, creative writing, communication, ICT and several more! I have had a meditation practice for many years and completed the MBSR in 2015.