Hi. I’m Lee and I am going to risk one of those fragile ‘I am’ sentences to start this off. (I know how quickly they can change). I am a photographer, artist, writer and tutor. I create photography that reflects how I feel, and how others feel, about this glorious world. I create photographs that capture a moment in time, a fleeting feeling or thought, a hope or fear. I call this Mindful Photography.

My journey to this understanding of photography has been shaped by life experiences. My own health crisis in midlife led to destruction of many of those ‘I am’ sentences. My life was shaken and reformed on every level. I now use the experience and knowledge I gained, by using photography to process and accept my life changes, to help others.

I share my mindful approach to photography (and life) in my eBooks. Each of these helps you to develop your photography skills, enhances your ability to see a photograph and encourages you to create photos that illuminate your life. If you are interested in these possibilities and particularly if you are living with difficulty or great change then get in contact. You can also read more about my Mindful Photography approach in the Amateur Photographer, who shared this feature article about three contemporary photographers work in this field.

My own practice includes mindful photography projects: Who Am I Now – a reflection upon the impact of significant health events in portrait sitter’s lives and Pandemia – an emotion led response to Covid 19. You can also review a curated selection of my Mindful Photos from the last ten years on the Portfolios Page.

In March 2022 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I have recovered and I am free of cancer. I am currently working on a Mindful Photography book which summarises the last decade of learning and living. It will contain everything I have developed and used to process great change and create expressive photos. I plan to publish a limited printed edition in 2024. Keep an eye on my blog (or subscribe to it at the bottom of this page!) for news on its progress.