Who Am I Now?

Art imitating Life

My art is photography. Photography that reflects how I feel, how others feel, about this glorious world we all live in. I create photographs that capture a moment in time, a fleeting feeling or thought, a hope or fear. I call this Mindful Photography - the creation of a photographic slice of life, a single moment in time that shares what was seen and felt.

Sharing the joy

I share my approach to photography (and life) at workshops and courses. Each of these helps you to develop your photography skills, enhances your ability to see a photograph and encourages you to create photos that illuminate your life. If you are interested in these possibilities and particularly if you are living with difficulty or great change then get in contact.

How I got here

My journey to this understanding of photography has been shaped by life experiences. My own health crisis in midlife has led to an exploration of who I was and who I am now: a life shaken and reformed on every level. I now use these experiences and the knowledge gained to help others understand their own journey.

who am i now?

This is the title of my project for 2019, my courses and my book, which will be published this year! Everything I now do is about this exploration of life through photography. My core themes are Health and Wellbeing and how photography can can support you to live through difficulty and significant change.

Want to know more?

If what you have read and seen here has stimulted your interest then do get in touch. I will respond to every message you send through the contact page. Whether it's a question about my methods, courses, the impending book or anything else.

Just drop me a line. I live and work in South Wales, UK. However I do travel well, so whatever my ideas may have stimulated just ask. Hope to hear from you soon.