An Afternoon Tea Party

It is not often I get asked to create a visual record of an afternoon tea party. So I was delighted to be asked by Liz to attend her joint birthday celebration with her Mum recently. The weather was kind and I managed to survive all the formal photo requirements necessary on these occasions!

Actually, one of the photos of the large formal group is included here because of the tale it tells. It may not be technically perfect, but for a record of the moment when I said to the group, “Shout something inappropriate” and the youngest child took me literally, it is perfect. I bet that you can identify the Mum. Can you guess what he said though? It is the last photo of this small set.

LizB Bday_web004 LizB Bday_web008 LizB Bday_web018 LizB Bday_web020 LizB Bday_web024 LizB Bday_web042 LizB Bday_web052 LizB Bday_web059 LizB Bday_web065 LizB Bday_web095 LizB Bday_web097 LizB Bday_web106LizB Bday_web047

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