Art Challenge Wales

Art Challenge Wales is a fabulous event created by Porthcawl resident Philip Vaughan. It takes place in Porthcawl and invites artists of any genre to create a work of art in the Porthcawl town environs between 9am and 5pm. The only stipulation beyond that is that the art celebrates Porthcawl.

I spent the day with my favourite woman, Kim, who is also a resident of this Welsh seaside town and supported me in the creation of the photo below. We spent most of the morning collecting portraits of locals and visitors and asking them what they loved about Porthcawl.

The afternoon was spent creating the composite image of most of the portraits and then inserting a couple of iconic photos of the town below, before rubbing out some of the portraits to reveal the photos underneath. The final stage involved printing the photo at the fantastically accommodating local ‘The Print Shop’ before writing on each portrait their answers to the question about what they loved about the town. A quick bit of framing and then off to hand it in, just within the deadline.

Great fun and all the works of art are going to be displayed locally very soon. If you click on the photo below it will open to a larger size, though it is missing my scrawled ‘love’ interventions!


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