Askıda ekmek – Suspended bread

Askıda ekmek is a Turkish tradition that goes back centuries and means ‘paying it forward’. When you go to a bakery you pay for two loaves and leave one at the shop. The second loaf is then suspended on a hook and those who are need can come in the shop and ask for ‘Askıda ekmek’.

Why I am I sharing this? It kind of explains my reason for sharing of a free online course. Developing Resilience through Photography is available for free, and it sits alongside my other course offerings in content, style and mindful photography philosophy.

I believe that this loaf of bread can then be picked up by people who may benefit from it. Maybe you need the bread? Maybe you know someone else who could benefit?

Do feel free to share the link and the course as you see fit. If you do enrol there is an opportunity for you to make a donation to Mind UK – another way of paying it forward.

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