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Recovery – 2 weeks Post Op

This is me, two weeks after my liver resection to remove a tumour. I look remarkably well, but not every picture tells the true story, so here is my tale of my first two weeks post op. Ten Days of Hell Firstly, a few facts. I was scheduled for surgery in Cardiff on 27th July, […]


Threshold is the stage I am living through on my cancer rite of passage. As you may recall during the first stage, Severance, I released all my work activities. This in turn led to a separation from my creative endeavours, that was not a conscious decision, more a consequence of cutting all work ties and […]

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The right side of life

It’s been a while. I’ve not felt at all creative for the last six weeks. There’s not been much going on – apart from my lovely sister visiting – I think that it’s been more to do with coming to terms with what I’m living through. The operation to resection my bowel, to remove the […]


Cancer is a Rite of Passage

Living with cancer is a rite of passage. At first, I didn’t realise this, probably because my awareness of living through a rite of passage, despite having lived through a couple already, is not particularly attentive. If we take a rite of passage as the movement from one social status to another, then we all […]


Anaesthesia Alley

Beware of Anaesthesia Alley, anything that happens down that salubrious passage may or may not be true. Here follows the tale of my days before, through and after the alley. Readers of a sensitive demeanour may find there to be a little too much glorious detail. You have been warned. I was asked to go […]


Self Isolation Again

Self-isolation again. I first started in early March 2020 before it even had the ‘shielding’ name, and before the government had got their shabby act together. At that time Dinah had Covid – all the symptoms, but no testing available at that time. We decided that self-isolation was an essential survival tool. Before all this […]


Who Am I Now Exhibition live

Finally, after several delays, my Who Am I Now Exhibition is now on the walls, at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. And it looks great! The exhibition has been developed over two years with nine patients of Swansea Bay University Health Board, whose lives have been significantly altered by a major life health event. The original project […]


Limbo Practice

I don’t feel much like saying much today. The title says it all. I’m in a state of limbo; between cancer in and out, awaiting operations and treatment. The practice element is two fold. Practice sustains me at this time: meditation, yoga nidra, mindful photography practice. And practice with being with how it is – […]

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Delayed Operation

Yes, the Bowel resection, planned for Monday, has been delayed until 25th April. How do I feel about that? Frustrated, but also relieved. Mainly relieved right now. I dare say that the inconveniences caused by waiting another 3+ weeks will bite soon enough. In the meantime, I’m happy to not have to starve and take […]


Good Bad News

I am not a lover of the adjectives good and bad. They often seem inadequate and lazy. However, when coupled with the word news they become universally understood. Over the last week many of you have sent positive thoughts for good news from the hospital investigations. Finally, I have an update and I believe that […]



I saw the tumour, dominant in its pink tunnel, before I realised what I was looking at. I blame the sedation that made me feel that mellow way you do after 3 large G&Ts. I just watched the surgeon manipulate some kind of sampling tool, digging into the mass that looked a little like a […]

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My Photography Practice

You may have read that I re-established my photography practice over six months ago. I determined that I would schedule a weekly session and follow a practice that was not outcome driven. So, how have I got on? I thought I would share my regular approach and suggest some options that you could consider for […]

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The theme for this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy is Climate. This will be the fourth year I have submitted – one successful acceptance to date – so I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the process and the joy of creation. The first point I should make is that […]


The Story of a Photo 6

It seems somehow apposite to complete this difficult year that we have lived through with a metaphorical photo. The original is below. This image feels like this is not only where we are at now, but where we have been all year: shrouded in a fog of information. Sometimes a small light illuminates our experience, […]


Favourite Photos 2021

Each of these photos has been chosen for a reason. It could just be a successful creative intention achieved, or a memory evoked. I try to do this every year, but I failed last year. It was a strange old year huh?  Reflecting upon that failure, I think I missed an opportunity. Choosing and reflecting […]

Swansea Open 2021

Swansea Open 2021, the city’s open art exhibition goes live 20th November. This is always a great opportunity to see a wide range of work, from painting to sculpture and of course, photography. What I like about an open exhibition is anything goes. In that space you will always find one or two pieces you […]

Portfolios live!

I have spent the last week reviewing 10+ years of photos! My intention was to identify those photos that best illustrated my development as a photographer over the decade and share them in some Portfolios. As you may know I often use my own Four Stage Seeing Practice to remain present with the creation of […]


The story of a photo 5

This is the story of a photo in portrait format. Not the version you see above, but the original that is at the end of this post. Most of the time I am drawn to shoot in landscape format. I even chose to do that for my recent portrait project, ‘Who Am I Now’. For […]



Look at the things around you, the immediate world around you. If you are alive, it will mean something to you, and if you care enough about photography, and if you know how to use it, you will want to photograph that meaningness. Paul Strand I have, without knowing it, been on a quest to […]


Your Unruly Mind

With mindfulness, as you practice – be it meditation, mindful photography or simply being present with the one thing that you are doing – your present awareness develops. As this happens, your understanding and appreciation of the moment has room to expand. In this moment thoughts may arise and you may notice how busy your […]

The story of a photo 4

My current overarching photographic intention is to create expressive photos. I am responding to Aristotle’s belief that, “the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” In terms of the art of photography then this leads me to create ‘expressive photos’. Photos that have some significance to […]