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The story of a photo 4

My current overarching photographic intention is to create expressive photos. I am responding to Aristotle’s belief that, “the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” In terms of the art of photography then this leads me to create ‘expressive photos’. Photos that have some significance to […]

5 common photography mistakes

1. Taking too many photos Digital photography is too damn fast! You can take dozens of photos every second. Point and shoot again and again. You know that it’s not costing you. Sure your memory card fills up, but you can ignore or delete that later (more on that in a moment). So, on you […]

Ailsa’s story – ‘How Mindful Photography helped me’

Hello there I hope that you’re enjoying the day. This post is all about what it is like to do a Mindful Photography Course with me. Ailsa Brims, whose story follows lower down, enrolled on my first Mindful Photography email course a few years ago. Her story is a great illustration not just of how much […]

The story of a photo 3

This photo is from my last photography practice, an amble through the woods on a warm September day. Over the last couple of weeks I have been practising with my 90mm lens. On my Fuji X-T4 this is full frame equivalent to a 135mm lens, a focal length that has fallen a little from favour. […]

The Ultimate Mindful Photography Course open for enrolment

Once upon a time a midlife man had an idea. He thought it was an original thought, Why not teach Mindful Photography? It wasn’t, but he did. The End. Or the beginning….. Back in 2013 when I googled Mindful Photography, I discovered that only two other people were using the term. One to share a […]

A Walk in the Woods

“It is clear that our bodies still recognize nature as our home…” – Walking in the Woods, Yoshifumi Miyazaki There is now much research that supports our intuitive knowing that a walk in the woods is good for us. Yesterday I was struggling a little with my equilibrium. I not only went for a gentle […]


Urban photos with meaning

Today my practice involved wandering the back lanes of urban Swansea, with an intention. This is best explained by Guy Tal who said, “I consider myself not just a photographer, but also an expressive artist, meaning, among other things, that I wish for my photographs to convey emotions.” This I can relate to, in fact […]

The Story of a Photo 2

Today’s photo is from yesterday’s photo practice. Context first: I had some guilt around only managing one photo practice last week, but I took a deep breath, got back up from where I had fallen and went back to the practice. It’s all you can do. I fall over, I get back up – and […]

Disrupted Practice

There is a school of thought that suggests you should practice (your art, meditation, work) in a quiet, undisturbed environment. However, the truth is that rarely exists. Perhaps it is wiser to embrace the disruption to your practice, and do it anyway. I have a short tale to tell that illustrates this experience. First up, […]

The story of a photo 1

Every photo tells a story huh? But what about the story of the photo? The tale of how it came into being. Here’s the first of a new series. This photo was created on a warm summer’s day. It is born of my photography practice and a desire to experiment. On this day I went […]


I use the word ‘practice’ a lot. I use it to describe the 20 minutes I spend doing yoga and meditation each morning. I use it to describe the photography activities I do and share in my eBooks and online courses. But is it only recently that I have really understood its fundamental value. Practice […]

Creating photos of a place – Cromer

We’ve just come back from a week on the east coast of England. Cromer is a seaside town in North Norfolk’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whilst we walked a good six miles of the coast either side of the town, we also spent a few days just mooching about the resort. I wanted to […]



Generosity is regarded as a mindful attitude. Jon Kabat-Zinn added it to his initial list of seven attitudes that are found in his book Full Catastrophe Living, along with gratitude. This post will detail what it is and explain how can you develop the attitude through your photography. What is Generosity? Generosity is defined as […]


Arts on Prescription

Swansea has just started an Arts on Prescription service. Read on to find out what that is and how the arts can support your well-being. HARBWR is the name of Swansea’s Arts on Prescription Service. It runs creative and engaging arts activities to support people dealing with mild mental health problems, isolation and loneliness. It […]

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Simplify your camera setup

I have written in the past about how imposing limitations can fire up your creative juices, but simplifying your camera set up can also allow a greater connection with the visual feast in front of you. Let me explain. I believe that the greatest area for development for a photographer is in our seeing. This […]


Street Photography Lenses

There is plenty of debate and loud opinion about the ideal focal length for a Street Photography lens. I thought I would put two to the test during a recent walkabout in the city of Swansea in Wales. I’ll be considering the merits of a 27mm and a 90mm prime lens, both on a 1.5 […]

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Creating art for exhibitions

Let’s reflect upon the process of creating art for exhibitions. The first few months of each year seem to be, what I have now named, ‘Call’ Season. Many national and international exhibitions and competitions call for new work to be submitted. As that period is passing (soon to be followed by ‘Rejection/Acceptance’ season) I thought […]


One Year of Shielding (Part 2)

Carrying on from Part 1 of this One Year of Shielding there have been changes. All parts of the UK are slowly emerging from the 3rd lockdown and there is personal news on the effectiveness of vaccines. Here in Wales, we are emerging from lockdown cautiously, but similarly to England and Scotland. We’re expecting non-essential […]

What’s your style of Street Photography?

Some of my favourite photographers are street photographers. I’m thinking of Saul Leiter and Alex Webb. There’s something about the look of their photos that appeals to me. I now know what that is. Leiter and Webb share four common themes; shape, colour, tight framing and abstraction. Let’s take one photo from each of them […]

Askıda ekmek – Suspended bread

Askıda ekmek is a Turkish tradition that goes back centuries and means ‘paying it forward’. When you go to a bakery you pay for two loaves and leave one at the shop. The second loaf is then suspended on a hook and those who are need can come in the shop and ask for ‘Askıda […]