I had the pleasure yesterday of delivering a one day workshop titled An Introduction to Mindful Photography in Bangor. It was based in the new arts/museum development in the city called Storiel and was attended by ten enthusiastic locals.

It has been almost a year since my last workshop in London. In the intervening period much has changed, but most helpfully my health has stabilised. So it was a joy to get back to doing what I probably do best – teaching. Gwawr Roberts, an Arts Development Officer for Gwynedd Council, approached through the website a few weeks ago to ask if I might be interested in delivering something linked to Mindful Photography. I immediately agreed then thought about the organisation involved.

Bangor may only be 150 miles away, but the route there is all single carriageway and it takes just one tractor or delivery van to slow you right up. It is a glorious route through the finest Welsh scenery and if you did not stop would take just over 4 hours. I broke up my journey up by meeting fellow photographer Jean Napier in Machynlleth for a spot of lunch in the lovely veggie Quarry Cafe.

It was a fine but cold day for the workshop and hopefully the students all got something from the experience. My intention in these sessions is quite simple to explain, but paradoxically difficult to achieve. I aim to slow them down and to connect them to what they see. How I do this is linked to the practices and activities I share at my Mindful Photography Workshops.

Meanwhile here are some of my favourite photos from everyone’s personal selections.