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Birthday Gratefulness

I have a practice that has lapsed during the hospital days. Every night I share 5 things I am grateful for with my sister, Kim in Canada. I haven’t done this regularly over the last 3 weeks, but starting here I am beginning all my supportive practices again.

In addition to my Gratitude practice I have a morning mindful practice that involves 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation. I returned to this grounding practice this morning. The stand out feature of the experience was that I can get so much breath in. Each breath feels something like a normal breath. I say, ‘feels like’ because it is 14 years since I had normal breath. My memory is vague! But I am breathing quietly and well. What a relief.

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lovely day thanks to Dinah’s organisation skills and the generosity of friends. Instead of sharing a blow by blow account I thought that I would share my Birthday Grats (as Kim and I call them) with you.

  • The second consecutive night of 10 hours sleep
  • Perfectly poached eggs on Marmite toast
  • A gentle walk, breathing deeply
  • Massive slice of Ginger and Salted Caramel cake
  • Thoughtful presents from friends
  • Love and care of friends
  • Unexpected visit of old Swansea mates
  • A donation from Simon’s young son from his pocket money
  • Lots of lovely FB birthday messages
  • Playing with my new photography toy – Fuji Instax camera
  • Lovely Skype chat with Kim
  • The love, support and care from Dinah

And so on to my 60th year. In 2020 I will be 60. There is much I hope to do and much that will happen. The first part of that is at 4.00pm today, when we pick up my new camper van. Exciting. More on that tomorrow.



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  1. John Spalding
    John Spalding says:

    Hi Lee.
    I’m.glad everything is going so well.
    A campervan! I’m so jealous.
    I have an Instax camera. They are great for instant images although the cost of the film is high.

  2. Frances Tate
    Frances Tate says:

    Hi Lee, so I wanted to say I have read most of your hospital blog and I did it with one eye shut! Why you may ask, well I’m trying to pluck up the courage to say yes to this procedure in the new year and, whilst I didn’t want to read this, I’m glad I have. 10 years ago an RTA and subsequent lengthy coma with prolonged intubation left me with airway issues and paralysed vocal cords. I’ve had several laser ops but time for a long term solution. Unfortunately I don’t have the relationship and family support that you do, but nevertheless I am trying to talk myself into it gradually. All the best.

    • leeaspland
      leeaspland says:

      I understand your concerns. I was first offered the operation in 2011. However, breathing is so much better. Voice a strong whisper at present. If you want discuss it all at some point contact me through the contact page and I’ll be able to email you back. Take care


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