Cal Smyth Photoshoot

Cal Smyth is an author of three books who lives in Swansea. He specialises in thrillers and one of his stories is set in Swansea, which as we all know is a den of iniquity! I know Cal from playing 5-a-side football at the local college on a Friday afternoon and he knows my interest in photography from a particular photo I created of him after football a couple of years ago. I’ll include it here after the more recent photos.

Cal wanted a new set of profile photos for personal and promotional use, so we agreed a location and date and set to it. The selection I have included here are my personal choices; apologies to Cal if they’re not his!

Cal Smyth-5web Cal Smyth-8web Cal Smyth-16web Cal Smyth-18web-2 Cal Smyth-24web Cal Smyth-27web Cal Smyth-34web-2 5050_5_w


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