Caswell – a mindful photography practice

A couple of weeks ago I spent an hour or so practicing being present at Caswell Beach on the gloomy Gower. Needless to say Taylor was in surfing at the time, so I thought I would cultivate a beginner’s mind, perusing a familiar place, noticing what was there and attuning to the visual as if I were a camera; as if I did not know the name of things. Then you see what is there; the shapes, forms, colours, patterns, textures…. After that all there is to do is choose where to place the frame and decide upon the depth of field.

If you are interested in how I actually set myself up for these practices, in ways that support the attention to the visual, whilst not being overwhelmed by the technical and compositional then I have a workshop coming up very soon!

The photos form an interesting set of those visual features. I turned those into B&W where that was what I had envisaged at the moment of creation. The exception is the selfie at the end, that just plain looked better in B&W!

IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6181 IMG_6186 IMG_6192 IMG_6197 IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6205 IMG_6208


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