Mindful Photography Course – Week 3

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Week 3 was our second week looking at Clear Seeing. In particular this is about establishing Seeing as an anchor; the foundation of our Mindful Photography Practice. To do this we use the 4 Stage Seeing Practice: an activity that encourages us to use Seeing as an anchor in the same way as we can use our breath when we … Read More

Mindful Photography Course – Week 1

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This week I started the delivery of my 8 week course in Mindful Photography for Morriston Hospital’s Brain Injury Service. I was particularly excited to start this as it is the first occasion I have delivered in this format, although I have worked with the service delivering other provision since 2012. My intention over these 8 weeks is to introduce … Read More

What is McMindfulness?

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I first heard the word ‘McMindfulness’ a few months back. It is being used to describe the increasingly popular application of the word mindful to other activities. For example: mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful anything. There is an element of sarcasm attached to the ‘Mc’, implying that everything is becoming mindful these days. Of course both this opinion and the McMindfulness … Read More

Mindful Photography Courses

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I have recently updated my Mindful Photography Course page to make it a little clearer. There are two course offers, how exciting! Each is 8 weeks in length and can be delivered to people aged 7 to 70 and for any group. Pupils, students, participants, staff and service users will all benefit. ‘Applying Mindfulness to Photography’ covers an introduction to … Read More

Becoming a mindfulness practitioner

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When I started writing this blog I saw myself as a photographer first and a mindfulness enquirer a distant second. However, I believe that things may have changed! I have practiced meditation since 2006 when my health first broke on the shores of my striving life. Initially meditation was part of an investigation into ways that I could ‘get better’ … Read More

Photo Walkshop Spring 2

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We were once again fortunate to have another glorious day for my second Spring Photography Walkshop. Each of these walkshops involves some initial theory and discussion before I offer a photographic challenge and we then embark upon a 2 mile circular walk. Saturday’s Walkshop centred upon a quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson “I believe that, through the act of living, the … Read More

Photo Workshop for Chinese Students 2

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Another Wednesday, another fantastic photography workshop for visiting Chinese students. This time in a new room and with solutions to the technological challenges. We started at 9am again, but this time the sun was shining. I began with 10 Smartphotone Photography Tips. This led into an introduction to seeing a photo – exploring the difference between our eyes and a … Read More

Photo Workshop for Chinese Students 1

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Last week I delivered my first photography workshop to visiting Chinese students. It was a large group of 37 keen and attentive learners and came with its own challenges. The workshop was delivered at Swansea University, lasted a full day and provided some technological problems upon arrival. The visitors’ WiFi was not working, and as this was a smartphone photography … Read More

Photo Walkshop Spring 1

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Did you miss it? My first Spring Photo Walkshop was last Saturday. But don’t worry you can still book in to the next one on the 22nd April in Swansea. More about that later. Last Saturday’s walkshop was blessed by a glorious Spring day. What better way to spend the morning than out and about with your camera being challenged … Read More

Photo Walkshops!

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“What’s it all about?” you may ask. A Photo Walkshop is like a photo workshop but most of the tuition happens on the move. I have designed a series of three Photo Walkshops for Spring, all in Swansea. In fact they will all be based from my house in cosmopolitan Brynmill. I’ve chosen to offer these from my home as there … Read More

Developing Mindfulness through Photography

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Mindful Photography is mindfulness applied to the process of creating a photograph Mindful Photography is mindfulness developed through photography. It starts with seeing clearly and extends through the technical and compositional choices, towards an encouragement to align your eye, your mind and your heart whilst you are completely present. There is a lot to unpack in that definition, so let’s … Read More

The Snapshot Girls

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A while back I was invited to share some ideas around Mindful Photography with local photography group the Snapshot Girls. I met one of their founder members Hannah at the Peg Talks and we got talking about photography. A couple of months later I spent a fun evening with them at their monthly meet up at the hip bar Noah’s in … Read More

1 to 1 Tutorial

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Seeing in colour I had my first 1 to 1 tutorial for a while last Saturday. Mia is a 15 year old interested in art and photography and her Mum felt that my approach to photography might be something what would help her. We met on a very wet morning at the bandstand in Porthcawl and spent the first few … Read More

Develop mindfulness through photography

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My thoughts of late have been much around how I can share more effectively what I have developed. It has taken me 55 years of living, a couple of years of development, an online course, live workshops and some significant life events to really bring my thinking on delivering mindfulness through photography – or Mindful Photography as I usually call … Read More

Mindful Photography Course for your staff

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Mindfulness is now recognised as practice that is supportive to all aspects of our lives and something that can enable us to respond positively to stress, rather than react habitually. It is for this reason that many corporations, public sector organisations and businesses encourage staff to follow mindfulness sessions at work. With this is mind I have developed a Mindful … Read More