1 to 1 Tutorial

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Seeing in colour I had my first 1 to 1 tutorial for a while last Saturday. Mia is a 15 year old interested in art and photography and her Mum felt that my approach to photography might be something what would help her. We met on a very wet morning at the bandstand in Porthcawl and spent the first few … Read More

Blue sky thinking, feeling and seeing

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A Mindful Photography practice I saw the sky and I could not resist: a one hour mindful photography practice with blue sky as the theme. Every photo created to have blue sky in the frame, either as the background, feature or reflection. It is a stimulating practice to limit your creative options. By choosing one theme this also provides an … Read More

Mindful Photography Walking

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Once a week I intend to get out with my camera and do a mindful photography practice. This involves walking with my camera, following the 4 Stage Seeing Practice – always returning to the visual feast before me when my mind drifts off – and then creating a small set of photos that reflects that experience. More often than not … Read More

A little practice

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Usually when I deliver a workshop I do the activities whilst the students are out and about creating their own photos. This idea that everybody in the room does the activities provides a common reference point for discussion later when we feedback our favourites. But it does mean that only one or two of the photos from each person’s set … Read More

Mindful Photography Course for your staff

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Mindfulness is now recognised as practice that is supportive to all aspects of our lives and something that can enable us to respond positively to stress, rather than react habitually. It is for this reason that many corporations, public sector organisations and businesses encourage staff to follow mindfulness sessions at work. With this is mind I have developed a Mindful … Read More

Mindful Photography Workshop – Swansea

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My last workshop was at the 360 Café in Swansea at the weekend. The theme centered upon the application of mindfulness to all the thinking that can swamp us as we are preparing to create a photograph. Mindful Photography means the application and development of mindfulness through photography. The first stage is using what we see to root us in … Read More

Mindful Photography Workshop – May in Swansea

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[av_one_half first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”] [av_textblock size=’12’ font_color=” color=”] How was it for you? Yesterday I delivered a fabulous mindful photography workshop at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea. Well, I say it was fabulous, it was from my perspective! It felt like I was at home. I … Read More

Simplify your camera set up

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I have written in the past about how imposing limitations can fire up your creative juices, but simplifying your camera set up can also allow a greater connection with the visual feast in front of you. Let me explain. I believe that the greatest area for development for a photographer is in our seeing. This is at the heart of … Read More

Film Style – a mindful photography practice

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I was feeling a little dazed this morning. An early rise and ragged breathing left me with a sense of disconnectedness. As I had to take Taylor to work in Mumbles I thought I would change my routine, drop him off and then do a mindful photography practice to ground me. The ‘Film Style’ practice is a space, time and … Read More

What is Mindful Photography?

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Mindful Photography is mindfulness applied to the process of creating a photograph It starts with seeing and extends through the technical and compositional choices towards an encouragement to align one’s eye, one’s mind and one’s heart whilst one is completely present in the moment. There is a lot to unpack in that definition, so let’s start at the beginning. Where … Read More