Community Exhibition

This week I went with Zoe and Emma from the Brain Injury Service, Morriston Hospital to meet Dan at the newly developing Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Dan and Jonathan have this fantastic idea to include a ‘Community Gallery’ within their new art gallery in the High Street. You can see Dan talking to Zoe and Emma in the new space above.

The building is still in its developmental stage, but they plan to open with a big show or two in the Spring. That’s what we were there to discuss. We are going to put on a photography show to open in May 2019 that will explore concepts of self before and after brain injury.

There is lots of work to be done in the next two months: curating 100s of photos, deciding on how we will exhibit the work, printing, hanging and much more. Exciting times and I will support the BIS team to put on the show. I’ll let you know when its due to open and hope to see you there!

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