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Develop your ability to see a photo


Wednesdays Daytime Sept - Dec 2019 Swansea

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The course has helped me to breath, to find beauty in the mundane and simple things. To begin to accept what has happened to me. To open up and share with others my thoughts and feelings through the photos I have created.

What is Mindful Photography?

Mindful Photography is the development of mindfulness through photography.

Mobile phone cameras or digital cameras can be used

The Course experiences and practices will encourage an attention to the moment

Mindful Photography uses what you see as your anchor, just like meditation uses your breath

You will learn to see more and create personal, resonant photos!

You will get creative and de-stress

What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

Jon Kabat Zinn

We can apply mindfulness to photography and it becomes a creative meditation

We can also develop our ability to be mindful through specific photography practices

What is on a Mindful Photography Course?

There are two Mindful Photography Courses. Each is designed to develop your ability to see a photograph and create photos that are personal, resonant and share something of how you see the world.

‘Developing Mindfulness through Photography’ covers an introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Photography and two key topics.

Clear Seeing – how you can improve your seeing and use seeing as your mindful anchor when creating photos

Mindful Attitudes – how mindful attitudes can be developed through photography

The course includes Mindful Photography Practices to support the development of your skills and understanding

The second course is ‘Who am I now?’ This builds upon the foundation skills and practices in the first course and introduces two key topics.

Present Feeling – how you can develop your ability to connect to your emotions and communicate this through your photography

Mindful Living – how you can explore who you are now through photography. This centres on supporting you to live through loss and change, and the fear generated through these experiences. You will learn Mindful Photography Practices that support your journey through this challenging terrain

Want to know more?

Each course is delivered over a number of consecutive weeks in 2 – 3 hour sessions. It can be delivered at your venue or I can organise this. Each week includes slideshows, handouts and Mindful Photography Practices. Participants can be from 7 to 70 and I can adapt the content to focus on your particular needs.

Interested? Would you like to have a chat?

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Student Comments

I have learnt on the course that I am not alone. I am in a group where I feel safe and secure. I can relax, breathe and create beautiful meaningful photographs. I now find peace and mindfulness in the little things.

I have learnt that I am not alone in the process of finding the ‘new me’. I am learning to accept a different future.

I have learnt that I am feeling angry with my situation. Some sessions have helped me to challenge this. I am now aware that how I feel is part of the (grief) cycle.

The course has helped me to let people in, to take a step back and look at things in a different way.

The course has helped me to accept and challenge my thoughts and feelings that sometimes create barriers. Photography has helped me to deal with emotions in a non verbal way.