Edinburgh Photomarathon

A couple of weekends back Kim and I traveled to Edinburgh to stay with friends and take part in the Edinburgh Photomarathon. This was the inaugural event and was part of the Retina Photography Festival.

A photomarathon takes part over a day and challenges participants to create photos that represent a topic in a time frame. The Edinburgh event was 12 topics, 12 photos, in 12 hours and was completed using a simple point and shoot automatic film camera. This provided many extra challenges to the digital versions I have done in Cardiff. Obviously there is no way of seeing what you have created, and as a consequence there were a couple of mishaps! Photos 8 and 11 failed to turn out, both due to inadequate lighting that the photographer failed to take account of – amateur!

Also, photo 12 for everybody failed to work. There was some technical problem with all the cameras and only the first 11 frames were recorded. I have included a digital version I took at the same time here – because I can 🙂

Each of the photos were created as a product of a brainstorming conversation with Kim, and as you can see she is in a few of them. We worked fabulously as a team! The competition was great fun and though we didn’t win any prizes I love photo 4 Cacophony – that’s a winner in my eyes.

If you want to see the winners and all of the photos created then head over the the event’s Flickr Page.

1 - Entry Number ('ate!')

1 – Entry Number (‘ate!’)

2 - Bicycle

2 – Bicycle

3 - Puzzle

3 – Puzzle

4 - Cacophony

4 – Cacophony

5 - Pink

5 – Pink

6 - Beauty in the Mundane

6 – Beauty in the Mundane

7 - Tourist

7 – Tourist

9 - Circles and Lines

9 – Circles and Lines

10 - Look

10 – Look

12 - New meets old

12 – New meets old

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