Fall Bay

Last weekend Beci, Monty and I planned to walk out to the end of Worms head. For those of you who don’t know the area this feat does have an element of danger. The Worms Head is only accessible 2.5 hours each side of low tide. Outside of that there is a fearsome rip that runs between the end of the peninsula and the mainland; it has claimed lives.

Unfortunately, we got a little confused, thinking that the period was 3 hours after high tide. When we arrived the Worm was still an island. Instead we walked east along the coastal path and visited the gorgeous beach that is at Fall Bay. This is a great spot for surfing – favoured by Taylor (son) – but there was no surf, just a lovely beach fit for a picnic and some mindful photography.

These photos are the ones I felt were best suited to a B&W edit








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