Favourite Photos 2021

Each of these photos has been chosen for a reason. It could just be a successful creative intention achieved, or a memory evoked. I try to do this every year, but I failed last year. It was a strange old year huh? 

Reflecting upon that failure, I think I missed an opportunity. Choosing and reflecting on your favourite photos every year gives you a chance to see how you now feel about those events, feelings and experiences. Maybe there’s work to be done? Maybe you can celebrate? Maybe you can just bask in a warm glow for a few minutes?

I last did this at the end of 2019, and that was a very challenging year, so I am on it this year. Here they are in chronological order, with little tales, where appropriate.

Winter arrived with a blast of snow and I loved the way the oak trees branches, highlighted by snow and light, created a tree triangle.
A tangle of snow doused trees, with contrasting shapes and patterns, drew my eye.
I titled this multiple exposure ‘Drowning in Dreams’. It was created using the Additive mode at my local park pond on a windy day. I love the way the colours run from light at the top to darker below.
We took Mabel into our lives just before Christmas 2020. This was an early walk, demonstrating her hilarious spread-eagled walk over this grid.
My RA Summer Exhibition submission (unselected!) ‘Shielded Man’. It responded to the brief ‘Reclaiming Magic’, with particular reference to having pride in the art movement, Primitivism. Created in my local park with a pinhole lens and multiple exposure. No post processing. You can read more about the process of creation here.
Hopeful in spring. This multiple exposure was created at my local park on a lovely spring day.
A fun exploration of Street Photography, with a mate, in Swansea on a chilly bright day.
A homage to Alex Webb’s stylistic street photography. I loved how this image captured the time we are living though, as well as showing that life still carries on.
A test trip in the Campervan to West Wales, to see how Mabel would cope with sleeping in the van. She passed!
The first pint in a pub for over a year. Why was I so grateful? A symbol of returning freedom or just a bit of social fun?
An early summer’s day at the Fenced Inn (our deck!), playing with a film camera. I love how the old film stock has created these evocative colours and I’m grateful to my daughter’s friend Jack (a great photographer), who processed the film.
I’m grateful to my partner Dinah for a fun, sun filled holiday in Cromer. This photo is inspired by Martin Parr’s The Last Resort.
An evocative ‘seen’ story created on Swansea Bay during an afternoon’s mindful photography practice.
A composite of two multiple exposure photos titled ‘Confined Freedom’. It was created to reflect my lockdown walks in the parks near me and was used as a the starting photo for my Rengarific Zoom Art class, an Arts on Prescription service for Swansea Bay NHS. I’m grateful to have this chance to support other people through their art, to process difficult feelings at this time.
A reminder of the pleasure I get from having re-established a regular photography practice. A multiple exposure photo created in my local park. I offer a free, one week, ‘Establishing a regular photography practice‘ online course. Why not try it out?
No fancy work here! This is a photo of reflections in a forest pool on an early Autumn practice. There was a gentle breeze that created this painterly effect. It reminds me that I just sat in one spot for quite a while, before I saw this possibility.
Loved seeing this possibility too! On a photo practice around Swansea Marina I caught this view of Swansea’s new arena, through a gap in the flats. The contrasts in colour, shape, form and equipment caught my eye.
A self portrait created by my father in the early 60s. The hat, the resemblance, hilarious! What a joy to find this.
A step change in Mabel’s confidence with waves. To think this hound had never seen the sea six months before. She brings us much pleasure and fun.
A reminder of the growth of understanding of how to create expressive photos I have had this year. This one represents my thoughts around ageing during my first year of being 60.
I am grateful to be offered work. This photo was created during a Zoom course for Swansea Carers; a reminder of a peaceful late Autumn day and a fun course.
Love this reminder of the last day of Autumn; evoking a Japanese style?
I’m grateful to Dinah for everything that she does for me, including arranging this little country break for my birthday. What an oak tree!
I’m grateful for those blue sky days in Winter. What colours, patterns and textures, and all only a few minutes from the house. I was practicing a Beginner’s Mind photo practice, in a familiar place. It’s always possible to see new sights in familiar places, if you practice being present with your seeing. 

I do hope that your Christmas is a joyful experience and that your New Year brings you a few things that you’re grateful for.

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