Foundation Skills Course – Week 6 Abstract Photography

What has abstract photography got to do with Mindful Photography you may ask? Abstract photography has the potential to be a visual method of representing the invisible: things like a thought or feeling, a concept or idea like time or attraction. Representing something visually gives you the opportunity to share something or your life without using words, and that maybe something you would benefit from.

Mindful Photography encourages you to be aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are out and about creating photos. The seeing becomes your mindful anchor and in the practice of seeing the world, but not looking for a photo, something that chimes with how you feel may stop you and suggest a photographic opportunity.

Abstract photography encourages you to use the seven elements of visual design, alongside removal of visual cues to what the subject in the photograph is, to allow the viewer to consider how the image makes them feel. This may match the photographer’s intention or it may be a more personal response. All the photographer needs to create is a photo that means something to them.

For our practice this week the students chose one of the elements of visual design as their focus and determined to create some abstract photos. Their favourites are below. How do they make you feel?

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