Foundations in Mindful Photography

Interested in developing your photography skills in a mindful way? Want become more mindful whilst using your camera? Then the Foundations in Mindful Photography Course Bundle is what you need.

Mindful Photography is all about aligning what you see, with what you know about photography and how you feel about what is right in front of you. My introductory course Mindful Photography 101 is for those of you who would like to start at a steady pace, developing both your mindfulness skills and applying mindfulness to photography development.

But if you are a little more confident with photography, and have some interest or experience of mindfulness (though that is not necessary) this course bundle will help to enhance your ability to see a photo opportunity. It will also develop your knowledge and understanding of both the technical and compositional skills required to create interesting photos.

Foundations in Mindful Photography is made up of two courses (offered at a discounted price – instead of £50 each, the two courses together are £70 if you buy them through the bundle). Let’s have a little look at each course in the bundle.

Seeing the Photo (Foundations 1)

In the online course Seeing the Photo (Foundations 1) you will learn the difference between seeing a photo, and looking for one. That might sound a little strange, but sometimes in your striving to create a good photo you miss the great opportunity that is just in front of you.

You can develop your seeing skills. You can become more skilled at seeing photo opportunities, and this course can help you to understand how to develop this key (but often overlooked) skill. Remember Jeff Berner’s wise words, “Looking is a gift. Seeing is a power”. Develop your seeing skills. Transform your photos from good to great.

Develop your ability to see by following innovative Mindful Photography Activities. Post your favourite photos in the Community Group and share your comments about other students’ photos. This is an interactive course that you can follow at your own pace, but you still get that ‘class community spirit’ by sharing photos and comments in the private social group.

Making the Photo (Foundations 2)

The Making the Photo (Foundations 2) online course will help you to mindfully develop your technical and compositional skills.

You will learn the technical photography skills through a mindful approach. The three key elements of exposure (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) are taught through video, text and activities. Something for every type of learner.

This course helps you to learn the many compositional guidelines using a simple framework. The technical and compositional skills are then developed through imaginative Mindful Photography Activities. And every activity can be used several times!

Like the Seeing the Photo Course, this online course can be taken at your own pace and you have a private social group where you can post your activity photos and comments. You also get to see and comment on everyone else’s photos, and I comment on every photo posted.

So, although both of these courses are online, and at your pace, you are not on your own. The community of fellow students and I will keep you engaged and motivated!

Foundations in Photography Course Bundle

The course bundle is the way to go! Both online courses; Seeing the Photo and Making the Photo, with 30% off the combined price. Take a look at the course pages, where all the detail is outlined and if you have any questions contact me. I’ll answer very quickly, promise.

PS The course photo was created by remaining mindful of how the bull was feeling about this strange man. I took my time, allowing him to get comfortable with my presence and holding the camera, which he was curious about, at waist level. I used my technical and compositional skills to create the final photo. Mindful Photography in action.

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