I don’t want to die, just yet.

Yesterday global Covid 19 cases reached 230,000 in a day. Average daily death rates are over 5000. In the UK daily cases and deaths are lower than they have been, and have remained steady for 4 weeks, but they are still significant. After all, I only need to be close to one carrier, just once and I will die. I’m not being dramatic. Realistic. I’m on immune suppressants, have diabetes and a breathing condition. I would be a dead man. I don’t want to die, just yet.

The easing of lockdown in many countries, alongside the global growth of Covid cases makes me very uncomfortable. In fact the easing of UK lockdown measures seems to be something that many can’t process. My impression is that many people are acting as if it is all over. Shops and pubs are open let’s all party, seems to be a common theme.

The truth is more complex and that is confusing. Consequently, I still sit in carparks whilst my girlfriend shops. We don’t visit pubs, even to sit in their beer garden or socialise in anyone else’s house. There are just too many hands touching things that I may touch. Never mind the lack of social distancing. This is not over.

Today the news is all about face masks and I can’t help but think, what about their hands? Meanwhile the economy slowly opens and people try to imagine life is back to normal. I don’t. My world will probably not be as it was back in early March for a long while; if at all. So I have made plans!

Last month I applied for an arts grant from the Arts Council Wales to respond to our current circumstances and move all my current work online. I was successful! My plan falls into two phases. The first phase is all about creating a new set of photos that explore my feelings around lockdown and shielding. These will initially be shown in an online gallery, and one day in a live exhibition.

The second phase is to help you, by planning and creating a new online photography course. This will share everything I know about how to use mindful photography to support you when life is difficult, due to major change or significant loss. The course will be offered to NHS patients and will also be available for anyone living with tremendous personal challenges. I hope to have it live early in 2021.

Stay tuned this year for updates about the online exhibition and my new online Mindful Photography course.

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