I’m in the Amateur photographer, again!

In October 2020 I had an article in the national magazine, the Amateur Photographer, titled How to be a more mindful photographer. It was written from an interview with the journalist, Tracy Calder. Last month she was back in contact and asked if I would contribute to a new article.

The latest magazine has just been published (14th May 2024) and the article, Keep it in Mind, explores how being present can improve our well-being and photography. Tracy Calder recounts thoughts from three artists about how a mindful approach to making images can result in a sense of perspective, renewed creativity and feelings of gratitude.

I provided ten key tips for developing a mindful approach to photography to meet the brief. The article chimes perfectly with my new book, Mindful Photography has saved my life (and it can save yours), which be available from this site and popular booksellers later this summer. Stay tuned!

The online version of the article is not available yet, but a copy of my contribution is below.

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