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Available from the Amazon Kindle store now

Use Photography to develop Mindfulness

Develop your photography skills and mindfulness at the same time.

Mindful Photography is for all types and abilities of photographer. Whether you think of yourself as a beginner, a snapper, an enthusiast or a professional. It will work for you. If you are inspired by the idea of creating photographs that say something of your world then this book will show you innovative ways of doing just that.

Develop your ability to see the possibility of a great photograph. Learn mindful approaches to photography skills development and composition. Explore visual tools and techniques to communicate feeling through your photos. Use the 16 Mindful Photography Practices to learn and develop your photography skills, whilst also becoming more mindful.

The more mindful you become, the more you will see. The more you see, the more personal and engaging your photos will be.

This book is a fantastic resource to learn the technique of mindful photography. Lee writes in a very accessible way to walk the reader through the theory and plenty of well explained exercises. I learnt these ideas from Lee several years ago and it genuinely changed my life. So great to see the course encapsulated in a book. A must for anyone wanting to take their photographs to the next level OR someone wanting to learn about practical mindfulness. You can do brilliantly with a smartphone or a Leica.”


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