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Use Photography to Explore your Life

Use photography to explore your life in all of its many colours

This book is an invitation to explore your life through photography, because sometimes you just cannot find the words. This book will build upon your photography knowledge, experience and practice. You will discover ways you can use your camera when you are living through major change or significant loss. This may sound impossible right now, but I promise that the process will be slow, gentle and supportive. I know how difficult this is. I have lived it, and I am still living it. Everything I share here comes from my experience and my heart. I know that the guidance and the Mindful Photography Practices I share will help you process the difficulty you are living through because I have used them all and I still do. All this and Mindful Photography 3: How to use photography to develop mindful attitudes for FREE.

Use photography to explore how you can live well through difficulty, major change and significant loss

Available from the Amazon Kindle store now

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