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As part of my adjustment to my recent major life event I have been working to release all of my work commitments. As part of that process I have stopped offering live and online courses, and have withdrawn from other work contracts. The last element of this adjustment is now complete. I have re-edited the Mindful Photography books I first created several years ago and made them all available for free on my website.

I have long wanted to follow this model. Offering my books for free, but with a donation button to keep this website going. All profits will go to Bowel Cancer UK. So, what are the books?

This Mindful Photography Book series is for you if you are a photographer with a curiosity about mindfulness. It is also for you if you are a mindfulness practitioner with an interest in photography. Whichever way round it is for you, these books will help you develop mindfulness through photography. Just click on a book title to find out more about it.

Mindful Photography 1: FoundationsHow a mindful approach to photography can enhance your photos and self-awareness.

Mindful Photography 2: CreativityHow a range of creative, technical and compositional photography skills can be developed mindfully.

Mindful Photography 3: For Mental Health and Well-Being How mindful photography can support your well-being, providing ways of processing and understanding personal difficulties.

The books cover everything I have learnt and developed as a Mindful Photographer over the last decade. I am particularly happy with Book 3, which uses my Mindful Photography approach to support you when life is difficult. Something I am able to appreciate myself, right now!

Do feel free to share the book links with people you know may benefit from them and if you are able to make a donation the button is below. Many thanks.

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  1. Les Hall
    Les Hall says:

    Hello Lee,

    Well done. They look great. I hope you are recovering well.

    I am in New Mexico, which you would surely love to photograph. Heading to Elko, Nevada tomorrow 🙂



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