Mindful Photography Online Course – LIVE

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Yes it is LIVE now

There is 33% off AND a Bonus Bundle if you enroll before 3rd October 2017

What is on the course?

This is the world’s first online course in Mindful Photography. It will help you to develop mindfulness through photography and you will create fabulous photos!

This course will develop your ability to see a photograph. It will demonstrate how seeing can be used as an anchor and turn photography into a mindful practice.

It will share mindful photography practices that support your development as a photographer, whilst also becoming more mindful.

What are we going to cover?

There is nothing else in the whole wide world quite like this!

Inspired by The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (from 2500 years ago) and the modern application of mindfulness to support us in stressful times (the MBSR – mindfulness based stress reduction). Part 1 of this fresh and innovative course will cover three key topics:

Clear Seeing – This topic is all about turning photography into a mindful practice. I will share a Four Stage Seeing Practice that will develop your ability to use what you see as an anchor, to bring you totally back to the moment. This will develop your ability to see everything that is front of you. Yes, everything. Just like a camera does. Oh, did I mention that you will also learn how to see like a camera! And you will discover the barriers that can get in the way of clear seeing.

Photo Thinking – This topic will support your development as a photographer. Offering practices that support your journey to photographic brilliance, allowing you to hold all the technical and compositional knowledge and skills gently, whilst being rooted in the moment and seeing the photographic opportunities.

Mindful Attitudes – This topic is an introduction to ten attitudes that support the development of a mindful life. Each mindful attitude is described with a personal interpretation and then is applied to photography. A Mindful Photography Practice is provided for each attitude to support your personal and photographic development.

That’s a lot to take in, but you can take a look at the FREE Introduction to Mindful Photography 4 Day Challenge to find out more

What does each topic include?

There are 2 Modules in each Topic – that’s 6 modules in all.

Each module includes videos, slideshows and Mindful Photography Practices.

There are 20 Mindful Photography Practices all together. These photography activities will help you to learn and develop mindfulness and photography skills, and compliment the videos and slideshows. Every Mindful Photography Practice can be done many times. They truly are mindful practices that will help you develop as a photographer and in life!

Each Mindful Photography Practice will result in you creating some fabulous photos which you will then share with the Course Community in our private Facebook group. I will comment on your photos and look forward to discussing your experiences with you in the group. This is a fabulous support for everyone who enrolls on the course, providing guidance,discussion and contact with like minded people all over the world!

There are 3 eBooks too! One for each topic- with the whole text, illustrative photos and the mindful photography practices.

Bonus Bundle

If you enroll for the full course, before the 3rd October 2017, you will get:

33% off! Yes enroll before the 3rd October and get 33% off the selling price. Just use the coupon code THIRDOFF at checkout.

a FREE 1 to 1 Skype chat with me, for a whole hour! Oh yes, you can ask me everything you want to know about mindful photography, about mindfulness, about photography, or even just about living this life!

Becoming Present with your Camera – A ‘How to’ guide, including a bonus Mindful Photography Practice – You are the Camera not available anywhere else.

>Mindfulness and Creativity – My own no nonsense guide to the relationship between Mindfulness and Creativity + some great tips to support your own Meditation Practice
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I hope you like the sound of that! Don’t forget you can find out more by enrolling on the FREE Introduction to Mindful Photography 4 Day Challenge

Hope to see you soon!

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