My Peg Talk

Three months ago I gave a talk at the now locally famous Peg Talks. These talks are by Swansea people who have an interesting story to tell and occur every 6 weeks or so at the Square Peg Cafe. If you live in Swansea or close and have not been yet then I encourage you to take one in.

My talk was all about paying attention: what happens when you don’t, and how I managed to get myself back to stability by bringing paying attention into my life as a practice. We currently call this mindfulness and I now practice and share Mindful Photography through this website.

If you missed my talk there is good news (or not depending upon your viewpoint!), it is now available to listen to below.  I was supposed to keep it to 15 minutes, all power to you if you manage the full 25 minutes!

If the link doesn’t work for you, Google soundcloud. Then sign up and search for Peg Talks. I’ll be listed. Happy listening.

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Marvelous! Love that you threw away your notes and spoke from your heart. You speak and write so beautifully and honestly Lee. Wish I’d seen this in person, but being able to listen to it now is the next best thing. Great job Lee !

  2. Sue Riseley
    Sue Riseley says:

    Lovely to hear such an honest and open account of your journey over the last 10 years Lee, and even lovelier that you have come out the other side and are feeling so positive!


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