Not writing a book

Currently, I am not writing a book. I have written a book proposal on a Mindful Photography/Memoir theme, it even includes two complete chapters, a synopsis, author bio and an outline of all the chapters, but I am now marooned and have been for three months.

I have been through a month or so of thinking it was because I was reading a lot and that the two activities of reading and writing were mutually exclusive. So I haven’t read a book since Christmas. However, my previous morning ritual of three hours writing (on the days I am engaged in Photential activity) has not reasserted itself.

I have stopped producing a newsletter, so that I could focus on the book and have even taken a 6 week break from this blog to kick start my mojo, but all have been unsuccessful. This morning I felt good and ready to write, but then it is Taylor’s birthday so presents and attention were required. Then the morning fog burnt off and a dog walk was calling.

I planned a jaunt down the Gower, thinking I could take my phone, create a couple of photos and record some thoughts on my phone. Then the kids reported that the TV was misbehaving. An hour later, TV delivered to repair shop, Monty and I headed for Swansea Bay, the Mumbles end, and I planned a sit down and to record my thoughts on bench overlooking the scene above.

I opened up the phone, Monty faithfully sat at my side, I could not find the audio record app. It has vanished. Just as I gave up I noticed that the woman walking a couple of dogs past me was still in front of me and that something odd was going on. I slipped down onto the beach and chatted to Bobbi, owner of Lifeline Dogs (a dog walking well being expert) who’s own dog had decided to swim to Mumbles. As you can see from the photo above it was flat calm so Halli was not in any trouble, but she did seem to have lost her sense of direction.

One of the other dogs with Bobbi was a Border Collie who was valiantly trying to round up Halli without going out of her sea depth. Eventually our constant calling, whistling and barking (I claim the whistling) registered with Halli and she meandered back to the beach. Bobbi was relieved having avoided having to attempt a rescue, the water is still pretty chilly and we walked back chatting to where I had parked the car.

So now I have something to write about, and at least I am writing. It is flowing well and I am hopeful that it will be translated to book creation later, or maybe tomorrow morning. Unless aliens land and there are more pressing things to do.



Two crows keeping an eye on proceedings



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  1. Ailsa
    Ailsa says:

    Yes, real life gets in the way! I am currently not writing my thesis (which incidentally is also about mindfulness) – but I did tweet a lovely picture of the moisture beads on my coffee cup lid instead! I always think you have to go with the flow. These things happen when they want to 🙂

    • Lee Aspland
      Lee Aspland says:

      I agree. Space is sometimes what is required. But I do feel that the recommencement is getting closer! Good luck with the thesis


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