One Year of Shielding (Part 2)

Carrying on from Part 1 of this One Year of Shielding there have been changes. All parts of the UK are slowly emerging from the 3rd lockdown and there is personal news on the effectiveness of vaccines.

Here in Wales, we are emerging from lockdown cautiously, but similarly to England and Scotland. We’re expecting non-essential shops to re-open this month and maybe outdoor hospitality. Indoor hospitality is at least a month away.

It’s strange to reflect on not going to any type of indoor hospitality since early March last year. No pubs, restaurants, or cafes. I miss the social aspects of that, well most of them! However, we have still made our own fun; home shopping deliveries, takeaways, zoom quizzes and chats, and lots of board games.

And now the big news. I am part of an ongoing national UK health and well-being survey called UK Biobank. I’ve been part of it for many years now and recently they contacted me to ask if I would do a Covid antibody test. I jumped at the chance, with no conviction of a positive result.

I take immunosuppressants and my consultant has urged caution as they don’t know if the vaccine will work. I can report that after one dose I do have antibodies. What an unexpected relief. This has not brought about any major change in our circumstances, as I am informed that antibodies does not necessarily indicate immunity. Basically, the immune response is far more complex than that. I could even be a false positive and not to do with the vaccine at all.

What has changed? A possible indication that I might be able to survive catching Covid, but it’s probably still best to avoid risk wherever possible. On we go then, managing our interactions and minimising risk.

In the meantime, here are my locked down photos for the other house.

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