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Something creative for you to do today…..   Photo Activity: Changing your Point of View Your aim is to create 10 photos in 30 minutes in your house. No more. No less. Use your Smartphone in Airplane Mode, to limit interruptions! Take your time, spend time in each room. You will only press the shutter […]

Let’s have a chat about what’s going on! How are you coping with self isolation or social distancing? Here are a couple of things I have been thinking about, one or two mistakes I have made and what is supporting my health and well-being. If you are a photographer don’t forget to check out yesterday’s […]

I am social distancing. Who would have thought it? Three months ago no one imagined a little virus could cause this much disruption, and it is going to get more challenging. It is very likely that many of you will be stuck in the house; either in self isolation (because you have the virus or […]

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