Mindful Photography 101 Online Course – Coming Soon

Transform your photos from Good to Great

The Mindful Photography Activities were challenging, but I threw myself into the tasks and was amazed at the pictures I was able to create. Lee taught me to stop and slow down and to really focus on what it was about the scene that had appealed to me. Ailsa

Content will include

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Photography - what, how and why

  • Ten Golden Guidelines - for you to become a Mindful Photographer

  • The Four Stage Seeing Practice

  • Creativity and Mindful Photography - create great photos

Put your head, eye and heart on the same axis

  • 4 weeks of online tuition

  • Private Course Group - share photos and comments

  • One live Zoom workshop with Lee

  • 6 Mindful Photography Activities

  • 3 Guided Meditations

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