Pandemia Exhibition Live!

How long is it since you went to an exhibition? Months no doubt. This strange period has changed how we can experience art and many of the main art galleries have moved some of their exhibitions online. And so have I!

Yes, Pandemia is now live. That link will take you to a web page where, if you are on a PC or laptop, you can view the exhibition from the comfort of your chair. Alternatively, if you’re on the move and using your phone, click on the button ‘Access via phone’ below the exhibition, download the Exhibbit app and you can enter my gallery.

Unfortunately, there is no celebratory wine and snacks, but you can bring your own and browse at your leisure, with a clear view of all the photos. No one stood in your way here!

The screenshot photo below gives you an idea of what you will experience and there is clear explanation of how to move around the gallery to see all of the photos.

Each photo has a title and an explanation of its intention. You will notice that these are in both English and Welsh, this is because I am based in Wales and I am trying to make it accessible for all – as though it was live in Swansea!

All of the photos were created using Multiple Exposure and/or Intentional Camera Movement. All created in camera, only minor corrective work was done in Lightroom. You can learn the same skills! My online course: A Guide to Creative Multiple Exposure and ICM is now live, with an early bird offer (£52 + live workshop if you enrol before 1st Feb 2021).

I would love to hear back what you thought of the exhibition. Please comment on the individual photos – those you liked and those you didn’t. Also I’m interested to know what you thought about the whole intention of the project and the online gallery experience. I look forward to hearing from you. You can use the contact form here, or email me. Many thanks.

This exhibition has been made possible by the Arts Council for Wales and the National Lottery.

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