Pandemia Launch

Pandemia, my exhibition that explores our thoughts, feelings and experiences during the Covid Pandemic this year, will launch on Thursday 21st January 2021.

The exhibition will share my 18 most personal and resonant photos, each one representing a different day, feeling or experience from the last 10 months. As you probably know I have been shielding since mid March, and I imagine that this will still continue for a while, these photos have been part of my coping mechanism.

I started the project as a way of both developing my creative skills – in Multiple Exposure and ICM – as well as providing a means by which I could process the challenging thoughts that I found uncomfortable.

The exhibition will be available here from 6pm on 21st January, in an online gallery that replicates as closely as possible the live exhibition launch experience. The link will be private until the launch day. Unfortunately, you will have to bring your own wine!

I hope to see you there.

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