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Photography for Well-Being

Photography for Well-Being 1 is for these times. It is suitable for photographers of all abilities – smartphones and digital cameras – and will support your well-being whilst developing your photography skills.

Photography for Well-Being 1 is all about doing creative, mindful photography activities and then sharing your favourite photos. There are 15 activities in the book with a common structure of six features. These work together to support your physical and mental well-being:

  1. Creativity:- Improving your seeing skills, learning and enhancing your photography skills, and creating photos that you love.
  2. Being in the great outdoors (and occasionally indoors, because sometimes you have to stay in.)
  3. Gentle physical exercise.
  4. Love of a place, person, thing or experience.
  5. Mindfulness through a Mindful Photography Practice.
  6. Social interaction by sharing your favourite photo (Facebook Group)

These photo activities work. I know, I have done them all during recovery from throat reconstruction surgery. They support your well-being and improve your photography skills. It’s a win-win.