Who Am I Now

Before the event

Who Am I Now is an investigation into the changes of our notion of self, after a significant health event. I will be working with several subjects to create up to three photos each. One to represent their sense of self before a significant health event, one to represent who they are now, and a final one to represent how they are during or after Covid-19.

Everyone of the project subjects will have experienced a significant life changing moment in their life. A moment when the path that their life was following abruptly ends and an unimagined and unwanted new direction for their life starts.


Pandemia is a personal response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. During 2020 I created hundreds of photos that represented my experiences, thoughts and feelings during the first year of the pandemic. Each of these was a Multiple Exposure or Intentional Camera Movement photo, created in camera.

I started shielding In March 2020 and continued throughout the whole of that year. This period was at times quite challenging; normal patterns of behaviour and activities changed overnight. Fortunately, I was able to work on understanding and accepting these changes through this project.