Who Am I Now?

An exploration of self and well being after a significant health event

Before the event

Who Am I Now is an investigation into the changes of our notion of self, after a significant health event. I will be working with several subjects to create up to three photos each. One to represent their sense of self before a significant health event, one to represent who they are now, and one during or after Covid-19.

Everyone of the project subjects will have experienced a significant life changing moment in their life. A moment when the path that their life was following abruptly ends and an unimagined and unwanted new direction for their life starts.

These life changing moments are like entering a new room. The room has an undulating floor, sometimes this gives way. All the walls of the room cannot be seen and objects in the room are both known and unrecognised. Sometimes you can see everything clearly, other times everything looks like the room you just left, or you hope it does. But that room is no longer there, nor is the door that you entered through. You are stuck in the new room and have to live in it, though initially every fibre of your being cries no!

The photo above represents my world before my significant health event. The second photo is my world now. Each has a story attached, a tale I tell to explain my life path.

The idea is that each photo tells some of the story, that they are self portraits in every sense. They reveal something of my world through location, look, the elements of design, composition choices, my position in the frame, my pose. Every aspect contributes to the tale. What do you see?

I am repeating this process with several other life adventurers. I have all the willing volunteers with whom I have collaborated in the creation of at least the ‘before’ photo, and with a few I have created both photos. The subjects then provide me with a few sentences about each self portrait. All of the photo diptychs or triptychs will be exhibited in 2021 in Swansea, with the support of Arts in Health (Swansea Bay University Health Board) and Elysium Gallery.