Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

Finally, we made it to London to see this year’s fabulously diverse Summer Exhibition. This year it has been coordinated by Jock McFadyen, a Scottish painter of monumental urban landscapes – with life comment for good measure. Jock’s intention was to create an exhibition that reflected contemporary themes and boy has he achieved this.

We travelled up on the Friday and made it over to Piccadilly Saturday afternoon. Having experienced the overwhelming vastness of the Summer Exhibition last year, this year we were much more paced. However, the initial, excited focus was all about finding where my photograph, ‘Where’s the Brexit’ was hanging. A quick read of the catalogue revealed it was in Gallery III, but it was only after we passed through the circular first gallery we realised that this was the main gallery. Yep, my photo is in the main gallery that was curated by Jock McFadyen!

Where’s the Brexit

Of course this makes perfect sense. It’s an urban image with a social commentary about the state of the country. Something that was reflected by the art chosen for this gallery. If this is the first time you have seen it, consider for a moment what you see and what the message about Brexit maybe. You can read what this is and how the photograph was created here

The next task was to create some photos to mark the occasion. First up were images of the artist with his creation and some of his support/cheerleading team! Actually, one of the self portraits (not shown here) will be the ‘after’ photo to represent my sense of self now, several years after my life changing event. (You’ll be able to read more about my ‘Who Am I Now?’ project – WAIN to its friends – very soon in the Project section of this website)

The Artist and his work
The artist’s support/cheerleading team

After all that excitement we carried on around the exhibition. Each room has a different theme, some dealing with environmental issues, others imagined versions of our world. There is always something in the Summer Exhibition for everyone. Perhaps, this is the year you should go? It’s only £16 entrance fee and there over 1000 pieces of art. Some of it you will hate. Some of it you will love. Much of it may be in between and not fully engage you. That’s the joy of art, something for everyone, and in this exhibition you get to discover more about your own tastes. You could even end up buying some art, much of it is for sale. But if you fancy owning mine, the original is sold. However, I am doing a short print run of 25 if you would like a print. Just use the Contact page to let me know.

This whole experience has been a huge surprise and a joy. From the inspirational visit last year, through the creation and submission processes, to the delivery of the art (see below). All of this has been capped by seeing the work in the Royal Academy and getting to see it again next month when Dinah and I come with my kids. Inspiring the next generation, hopefully!

Delivery not hitching!
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